Month: February 2021

Alexa home hub

Can You Afford to Ignore Voice Search?

“Alexa… why is voice search so important for content marketers?”
Whichever voice search service you have at home, your intuitive housemate has been used more than ever this year. With no signs of slowing down, you need to know how to harness the power of voice search for your content marketing.

Woman checking marketing report

Marketing Report Reveals Common Challenges and Expectations for 2021 and Beyond

In a new study called The Marketing Census by London based marketing agency Impression, many of the common challenges we all face have been explored, alongside insights into how changing consumer behaviour and the growth of online are set to propel us forward in the coming months and years.

The marketing report shows the prevalence of marketers judging success on metrics such as audience engagement has increased by 9% – suggesting that compelling content which drives longer time on page, lower bounce rates and a greater conversion rate is more important than ever.

Man storytelling in to studio microphone

Employee Storytelling: Why Crafting Emotional Connections to a Brand Gets Great Results

Employees and candidates want to join a culture where they can feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts both in the workplace and in their communities. Understanding that all audiences feel first and think second is the key to developing an emotional connection as you reach for greater brand attachment. It’s not enough to sell or educate anymore. Brands must inspire and connect—and that’s where employee storytelling comes in.