CMA TikTok

What does TikTok mean for content marketing?

Although it’s been in its current form for over two years, TikTok has seen an incredible rise this year. Lots can be said about the future of TikTok. The obvious thing being the position some countries are taking in banning the social media app due to its connection with China. Then there’s the small matter of Instagram launching their own TikTok competitor – Reels in August.

Google analytics print out

You’ve got the Google Analytics figures… but are you drawing meaningful insights?

A plethora of performance information is freely available through Google Analytics – but when presented with a screenful of stats, where should you begin?

Future Fusion share the questions you should be seeking to answer with Google Analytics data in order to provide insights to help you plan content and pitch campaigns, reach your KPIs, as well as how to dig into the stats a little more to give you a steer for future content ideas that are likely to be successful.

Webinar in progress

Digital Agency Launches New Webinar Service

Cardiff-based digital PR and content agency, BrandContent has launched a new service to support businesses in creating their own webinar series.

The service includes in-depth research, scripting, designing materials and promotion of the event itself.

A dedicated presentation coach will train speakers to improve webinar communication skills.

Creating content for recovery

Content Marketing for Recovery

Across the industry we are all struggling with the same questions: When and how do I begin ramping up my marketing efforts? And, How can content marketing help my business recover? 

While this is obviously an unprecedented situation, VERB has been able to apply their experience and lessons learned to share some tips on building recovery plans.

Young girl on TikTok

Is your brand ready for the TikTok challenge?

The wildly popular video sharing app hit two billion downloads in 2020. Future Fusion share some statistics of the platform’s success and share what you should consider before taking the plunge if your brand is now thinking about getting involved, as the chances are that the meme you’re laughing at on Facebook has already gone viral on TikTok.