Month: September 2020

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Demystifying Technical SEO: The 6 Key Areas

It can sometimes come across as intimidating, but technical SEO isn’t always as complicated and indecipherable as you would think it to be.
In fact, technical SEO can be the responsibility of non-technical departments, and all the aspects of your site that contribute to its performance in organic search. That’s why understanding technical SEO is import. Read the 6 key areas you should know.

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B2B Lead Generation – How to Get the Leads You Want on Social Media

In today’s digital world we all know that social media can generate leads for business, but so many organisations are skipping the key steps to do this successfully through social media. Without an effective plan and knowing who you want to target, your activity can quickly become aimless, ineffective and a waste of your time …

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7 Social Media Trends Most Brands Haven’t Caught Up With

Vine, MySpace, Bebo – social media trends come and go. But the one thing that remains a constant is social media itself. As brands, how do you decide which trends to jump on and which ones to swerve?

Future Fusion share their list of social media trends for 2020, all which allow you to focus on meaningful content and suggest that digging deeper into social analytics is more important than ever.