Content Trends: How Brands Can Win by Taking The Pressure Off For Consumers

These are wild times: from channel transformation to spending shifts, plus the biggest election year on record, not to mention the Olympic Games in Paris… 2024 is going to be anything but quiet. Fortunately, you’re now reading Cedar’s flagship Spark+Fuel content marketing trends report for 2024, designed to give marketers the foresight they need to plan the right content, channels and personalised media to succeed with customers in 2024.

The core theme of this report is ‘Take the Pressure Off’. Marketers and consumers alike are fed up with the doom and gloom, and are actively looking for moments of entertainment and ease from brands. That means personalisation and humour, plus a much smarter and more nuanced approach to audience targeting that prioritises mindset over demographic.

This report is the flashlight that smart marketers need to cut through the overwhelming marketing challenges of 2024. Our ambition is to help unlock new ways to connect with consumers who are equally in need of a signal that brighter days lie ahead.

Cedar is an industry-leading creative content marketing agency, working with the biggest global brands to create award-winning content experiences. Today, we manage or consult on a 90% digital content portfolio for clients including British Airways, Tesco, Nikon, Iberia, Eurostar, Cathay Pacific, Mandarin Oriental, TUI, and Dorchester Collection. We also partner with a wide range of brands, including Amex, Barclays, and Expedia, to help them reach audiences within those portfolios.

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