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2021 Content Marketing Awards Winners Announced!

Last night The CMA hosted the 2021 International Content Marketing Awards, where we announced all of this year’s brilliant winners. The winner list provides a fantastic showcase of the very best content marketing in the world. It was the most competitive year to date with a record-breaking number of submissions entered, with entries coming in from more organisations and countries across the world than ever before.

Cloud apps reducing environmental impact online

Environmental impact online: It’s easy being green – and it can help web performance

The internet has many dark corners. Just one of these, which is barely considered, is its environmental impact. A user may just see one device, one search bar and their request – but that query involves a network of other devices, all drawing on the power grid. It may seem small, but the carbon emissions coming from delivering the internet, video streaming, voice and other online services is responsible for 3.7% of global emissions, or 4 grams of CO2 per email sent. Semrush encourage more considerate use of technology to make less environmental impact online, and here’s a few ideas on how to make that possible.

web 3.0

5 ways the Web 3.0 era will overhaul digital marketing as we know it

Fresh from a COVID-induced malaise, it seems difficult to get your head around being at the start of another earth-changing event and what all this could actually mean. Words like bitcoin, crypto, metaverse and semantic-web are bandied about. It’s all a bit of a head-scratcher.
But Web 3.0 really is important. It is a radical transformation of the digital world as we know it.
Read on to learn how we got to Web 3.0 and our five predictions for changes that are going to rock the world of marketers worldwide.

Text message on phone representing Inclusive Communication

Inclusive communication matters. For us, it’s personal.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over one billion people who live with a disability. For some of these people, how they communicate isn’t through personal choice, but a result of personal needs. Inclusive communication recognises this, and for every organisation it should be part of their DNA.  At Texthelp, it’s at the heart of their whole organisation, and it’s their core purpose. Their founder and CEO, Martin McKay explains why.

Lansons - coping with COP graphics

Lansons Launch ‘Coping with COP’ Campaign

Lansons felt that the ESG conversation has moved so quickly the last few years that people are now expected to discuss complex systems, processes and rules without having a strong sense of what underpins them. It’s an enormous and, at times, overwhelming topic.
Coping with COP was designed to be a thoughtful and fun attempt to cover some of those underlying concepts. You can read each one in under 30 seconds.

Finding the right job: Tips for LGBTQ+ jobseekers

Finding the right job is a challenge in itself, but finding one when you’re an LGBTQ+ jobseeker can come with its own set of concerns.
We spoke to Three Whiskey’s Talent Director, Derek Walters, who identifies as a gay man, to get his approach on job hunting when you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and which specific questions to ask.

Webinar on accessible and inclusive websites

Webinar: 8 step plan to accessible and inclusive websites with DWP & Texthelp

CMA members, Texthelp will be partnering with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)  for a webinar on their 8 step plan to create and manage accessible websites and content. 

Join Craig Abbott, Head of Accessibility at DWP and Donna Thomson, Inclusive Content Specialist at Texthelp to explore how you can gain business buy-in and prioritise action. And discover best tips to creating accessible and readable content.

The Power of Brand Content Revealed in World-Leading Research

The Power of Brand Content Revealed in World-Leading Research

New research reveals that brand content has become a powerful tool in the purchase decision-making process for everyday Australian consumers. The study uncovers the powerful human stories and statistics that demonstrate how content brings the purpose and value of brands to life for everyday Australians, and validates why content marketing spend continues to grow. Read the key findings from the study on the power of brand content.

how to digitally optimise your cv

How to digitally optimise your CV in 2021

The popularity and availability of ATS software means organisations filtering through high volumes of applications. For jobseekers, this means that it’s now especially important to make sure your CV is digitally optimised and attractive to bots so you don’t slip through the cracks. Three Whiskey has compiled a list of steps for you to take to digitally optimise your cv to make a change in career.

Man thinking about a change of career

Considering a change in career? Do these 5 things

Are you considering a change in career? Maybe you’ve discovered new interests, or your values have changed. Perhaps you want more flexible hours, or have moved and want to start a career in a field that better suits your new location.
Whatever your reason, it’s easier to change careers than it’s ever been, and the benefits of doing so can be huge. But don’t go in blind. Three Whiskey’s Talent Director, Derek Walters has compiled a list of steps for you to take before making the change.

Man using social media to look for jobs

Using social media to look for jobs: The ground rules

Studies have shown that 92% of companies are using social media to look for jobs, and three out of four hiring managers will search for a candidate’s social profiles. So the majority of job-hunters will benefit from having a good social media presence when it comes to finding their perfect job. Usually, all you need is a few, simple tweaks to get it right. Here are some ground rules from Three Whiskey’s Recruitment Director, Derek Walters, to get you on the right track.

Rationale– sustainability matters

Sustainability Matters – 5 key takeaways

Why should brands face their environmental impact and take a stand on climate change and sustainability? Because it matters. We have collected five key takeaways from Rationale’s recent webinar ‘Sustainability matters’ with the CMA, to outline how to approach surfacing a corporate purpose that is authentic, builds trust and, most importantly, prioritises sustainability.

Research reveals top marketing skills

Research Reveals Most Desirable Marketing Skills

Over the last year, the world has faced unprecedented challenges with companies worldwide having to adapt to changing lifestyles and priorities. But how has the global pandemic impacted content creation and the digital marketing industry? Content creation platform, Verblio have released their annual digital agency survey that provides a unique insight into the industry during …

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Tech CMOs Shift Marketing Efforts to The Digital Marketing Relationship

Interviews with tech CMOs and Marketers at large brands reveals a shift in marketing focus.
Following detailed interviews with CMOs from large technology brands, five trends surfaced that reveal a shift in focus from lead generation to building digital relationships. The 50+ page Technology CMO outlook report unlocks deep insights and thinking from marketing leaders, to understand how they helped to not only navigate unprecedented challenges but unlock business value and opportunity from it too.

FLOC Header

What the FloC? A look at Google’s alternative to cookies

WHAT IS FLOC? Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) is a proposed browser standard that will enable interest-based advertising on the web without letting advertisers know your individual identity. Instead, you’ll be associated with a cohort of users to make you semi-anonymous to the companies targeting you. FLoC is proposed within Google’s new privacy sandbox, a …

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Creative Communications Agency BrandContent Goes Global, Opening New European Shop

BrandContent makes first international hire, appointing PR Director Sophie Nicholas Wales-headquartered creative communications agency, BrandContent, has expanded into Continental Europe, choosing to open its first international doors in Berlin. The agency has appointed Sophie Nicholas, PR Director, as the first key hire in the German capital. Sophie has 15 years of experience leading earned-first, consumer and …

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SkillPointe partner with Three Whiskey to build brighter futures in skills-based jobs

As a brand-new, one-stop shop for job seekers looking to harness their talents in the skills-based world, SkillPointe has ambitious plans to make finding a fulfilling future simpler for everyone. Bringing on the team at Three Whiskey, SkillPointe will attract and serve a huge audience of high school leavers, reskillers and upskillers, helping them to …

SkillPointe partner with Three Whiskey to build brighter futures in skills-based jobs Read More »

Print items

The Marketing Power Of Print: How Digital-First Brands Can Benefit

Is print a publishing relic, or an increasingly untapped marketing opportunity? Constantly reevaluating our approach and improving our strategy is the key to success in reaching our audience, gaining ground on competitors and giving our clients the best results – but could print be the opportunity marketers are missing? Future Fusion share the key benefits of print in a digital-first world

Alexa home hub

Can You Afford to Ignore Voice Search?

“Alexa… why is voice search so important for content marketers?”
Whichever voice search service you have at home, your intuitive housemate has been used more than ever this year. With no signs of slowing down, you need to know how to harness the power of voice search for your content marketing.

Woman checking marketing report

Marketing Report Reveals Common Challenges and Expectations for 2021 and Beyond

In a new study called The Marketing Census by London based marketing agency Impression, many of the common challenges we all face have been explored, alongside insights into how changing consumer behaviour and the growth of online are set to propel us forward in the coming months and years.

The marketing report shows the prevalence of marketers judging success on metrics such as audience engagement has increased by 9% – suggesting that compelling content which drives longer time on page, lower bounce rates and a greater conversion rate is more important than ever.

Man storytelling in to studio microphone

Employee Storytelling: Why Crafting Emotional Connections to a Brand Gets Great Results

Employees and candidates want to join a culture where they can feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts both in the workplace and in their communities. Understanding that all audiences feel first and think second is the key to developing an emotional connection as you reach for greater brand attachment. It’s not enough to sell or educate anymore. Brands must inspire and connect—and that’s where employee storytelling comes in.

app game for Pizza Express

Creature Media launch new digital game ‘Getting To Dough You’ for PizzaExpress to bring families together

This festive season, spending quality time with family has never been so important. Now, families can come together with a heartwarming new family game. Children who eat with their family develop important social skills, are less likely to be obese and truant from school. Despite these benefits, a third of children eat dinner in front …

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onboarding online - woman waving at laptop

Joining an agency during lockdown: I will get to know the culture later…

I recently completed a research project into the onboarding of new employees for an MSc in Organizational Psychology. Although the main focus of the study was not on the impact of remote working, as the research was carried out in 2020, the lockdown inevitably coloured the findings and highlighted the dramatic effects that physical remoteness …

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Hired Creative Director, Joe Goucher

Rise at Seven hires creative director from M&C Saatchi, Moonpig!

Search-first creative agency and CMA member, Rise at Seven, has appointed Joe Goulcher as creative director   Goulcher previously from M&C Saatchi alumni, also headed up both Social and PR at Moonpig and more recently working as Head of Content at Saatchi & Saatchi – before joining Rise at Seven as creative director, tasked with …

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Vodafone app cover of 4 lions and manager

Vodafone and British & Irish Lions Unveil New Official Tour App Ahead of 2021 Tour, Giving Fans the Chance to ‘Become a Lion’

CMA brand member, Vodafone UK & Ireland has launched a new cutting-edge app with digital features for the British & Irish Lions. It will for the first time allow rugby fans to ‘become a Lion’ on the Vodafone app, virtually, and fully immerse themselves in Lions action as the countdown to the 2021 tour continues.

SEO young businesswoman-pointing at white blackboard

Demystifying Technical SEO: The 6 Key Areas

It can sometimes come across as intimidating, but technical SEO isn’t always as complicated and indecipherable as you would think it to be.
In fact, technical SEO can be the responsibility of non-technical departments, and all the aspects of your site that contribute to its performance in organic search. That’s why understanding technical SEO is import. Read the 6 key areas you should know.

social media

B2B Lead Generation – How to Get the Leads You Want on Social Media

In today’s digital world we all know that social media can generate leads for business, but so many organisations are skipping the key steps to do this successfully through social media. Without an effective plan and knowing who you want to target, your activity can quickly become aimless, ineffective and a waste of your time …

B2B Lead Generation – How to Get the Leads You Want on Social Media Read More »

Girls using social media

7 Social Media Trends Most Brands Haven’t Caught Up With

Vine, MySpace, Bebo – social media trends come and go. But the one thing that remains a constant is social media itself. As brands, how do you decide which trends to jump on and which ones to swerve?

Future Fusion share their list of social media trends for 2020, all which allow you to focus on meaningful content and suggest that digging deeper into social analytics is more important than ever.

Google analytics print out

You’ve got the Google Analytics figures… but are you drawing meaningful insights?

A plethora of performance information is freely available through Google Analytics – but when presented with a screenful of stats, where should you begin?

Future Fusion share the questions you should be seeking to answer with Google Analytics data in order to provide insights to help you plan content and pitch campaigns, reach your KPIs, as well as how to dig into the stats a little more to give you a steer for future content ideas that are likely to be successful.

Webinar in progress

Digital Agency Launches New Webinar Service

Cardiff-based digital PR and content agency, BrandContent has launched a new service to support businesses in creating their own webinar series.

The service includes in-depth research, scripting, designing materials and promotion of the event itself.

A dedicated presentation coach will train speakers to improve webinar communication skills.

Creating content for recovery

Content Marketing for Recovery

Across the industry we are all struggling with the same questions: When and how do I begin ramping up my marketing efforts? And, How can content marketing help my business recover? 

While this is obviously an unprecedented situation, VERB has been able to apply their experience and lessons learned to share some tips on building recovery plans.

Young girl on TikTok

Is your brand ready for the TikTok challenge?

The wildly popular video sharing app hit two billion downloads in 2020. Future Fusion share some statistics of the platform’s success and share what you should consider before taking the plunge if your brand is now thinking about getting involved, as the chances are that the meme you’re laughing at on Facebook has already gone viral on TikTok.

Presentation of data report

Creativity with Data

Using data and research to inform a content marketing plan helps you put a framework together, providing useful ideas (based on fact) that can help generate meaningful, creative story ideas and tactical plans. Here are some of the ways we do it at VERB.