Generation Face/Off

Read about social and Gen-Z and chances are you won’t be reading about Facebook.

We can see where that comes from; they’re the first generation to break Facebook’s stranglehold in social.

Or are they?

We read ‘Facebook has declined’ all the time. However, there could be a reason for that; prominent reports seem to no longer even be asking about Facebook when they ask about social channel mix. As a result, lots of brands are hugely neglecting Facebook. It’s the most common thing we see across all demographics with partners. It’s not new, it’s not hip. It’s a Skoda to TikTok’s Porsche. There’s just no one that cool there …

Or is there?

Rumours of Facebook’s demise should be explored with data rather than hearsay. So, we did just that…

More of Gen-Z are on Facebook then are not, read and it weep. That, along with better targeting tools, reporting and higher representation among older age groups should make Facebook a prime target for your marketing activity.

If your target is both Gen-Z and millennials, you can reach 63% of them on Facebook. You can read the full report for free from the link below:

Some of the insights from this report shows:

  • 52% of Gen Z do actually use Facebook (75% of those daily)
  • Gen Z are much less concerned with security
  • Gen Z are much more likely to click on ads versus Millennials. 29% of Gen Z click on ads on Facebook often.
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