Month: November 2021

2021 Content Marketing Awards Winners Announced!

Last night The CMA hosted the 2021 International Content Marketing Awards, where we announced all of this year’s brilliant winners. The winner list provides a fantastic showcase of the very best content marketing in the world. It was the most competitive year to date with a record-breaking number of submissions entered, with entries coming in from more organisations and countries across the world than ever before.

Cloud apps reducing environmental impact online

Environmental impact online: It’s easy being green – and it can help web performance

The internet has many dark corners. Just one of these, which is barely considered, is its environmental impact. A user may just see one device, one search bar and their request – but that query involves a network of other devices, all drawing on the power grid. It may seem small, but the carbon emissions coming from delivering the internet, video streaming, voice and other online services is responsible for 3.7% of global emissions, or 4 grams of CO2 per email sent. Semrush encourage more considerate use of technology to make less environmental impact online, and here’s a few ideas on how to make that possible.

web 3.0

5 ways the Web 3.0 era will overhaul digital marketing as we know it

Fresh from a COVID-induced malaise, it seems difficult to get your head around being at the start of another earth-changing event and what all this could actually mean. Words like bitcoin, crypto, metaverse and semantic-web are bandied about. It’s all a bit of a head-scratcher.
But Web 3.0 really is important. It is a radical transformation of the digital world as we know it.
Read on to learn how we got to Web 3.0 and our five predictions for changes that are going to rock the world of marketers worldwide.

Text message on phone representing Inclusive Communication

Inclusive communication matters. For us, it’s personal.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over one billion people who live with a disability. For some of these people, how they communicate isn’t through personal choice, but a result of personal needs. Inclusive communication recognises this, and for every organisation it should be part of their DNA.  At Texthelp, it’s at the heart of their whole organisation, and it’s their core purpose. Their founder and CEO, Martin McKay explains why.