Rob’s Top 3 Content Marketing Webinars to Watch

It’s been a little over 12 months since we launched our CMA Learning webinars. This was something we had planned on creating in 2020 due to the growth in membership across the UK and abroad. 

As we entered lockdown, our amazing community acted quickly and created a space for those in the content marketing industry to come learn and engage with peers. 

Since April 2020, we’ve had over 5,000 unique registrants and an amazing variety of speakers covering a wide range of topics. To highlight some of the great sessions hosted over the last 12 months, I’ve put together a list of my top three webinars. 

After delivering over 150 webinars, it’s pretty tough to choose my top three. I’ve learnt so much from all our sessions and would like to thank those who spent time presenting and engaging with our community.  

Top 3 Webinars Header

Some of you may have watched these sessions live or caught them on-demand, but if you missed it, not to worry, I’ve added a links below as our sessions are available on-demand for free. 

Register for a session using the links below and you’ll be emailed a link to watch the session on-demand. 

Top 3 content marketing webinars to watch:

The Future of Community

Hosted with Helen Job, TCO London

TCO London Webinar

This webinar from TCO London looked at how organisations should act during times of uncertainty. Brands must take on the role of an ally and ask what is needed, whether that is financial support, digital or physical space, or maybe something they haven’t considered. They must not make assumptions. 

Helen delivered this talk on the future of community and how brands can build communities to increase brand loyalty and buy-in from he consumer.  

Throughout the talk, Helen mentioned how consumers are paying close attention to how brands are responding to the crisis. Especially when it comes to remembering those organisations that got it wrong and look to reward those that lead the way in helping combat the crisis and helped pave the way for a new kind of business world.

In a pickle? How to create mouthwatering food content during lockdown

Hosted with Helena Lang, SevenC3

SevenC3 Webinar

Helena, SevenC3 joined us last Summer to discuss how one of the biggest food magazines in the UK managed to create mouthwatering content without test-kitchens, ingredients … or a team. Helena discussed the challenges of producing award-winning food content at the best of times but in lockdown it’s impossible…or is it? 

Sainsbury’s magazine Editorial Director, Helena, talked us through her approach when supermarkets were having to deal with social distancing and panic-buying, as well as how the team remotely directed a barbecue shoot. During this session, Helena also talked about her experience in the industry and when to cut corners, when to try something new, when to admit defeat and when to throw caution to the wind. 

This session took place at the height of the first lockdown with Helena taking questions from the virtual audience on a number of areas, including how she and her team reacted to the pandemic. 

Have you ever … made a podcast?

Hosted with Rowan and Svein, Rationale

Rationale Webinar

We had a number of our members come forward asking for events to be hosted around the world of podcasting. Prior to the global lockdown we hosted a monthly podcast training programme which was incredibly popular. 

We ran a number of events on podcasting, and the one that stood out for me was Rationale’s Rowan and Svein. Not only have they been in the content industry for some time, but they also run their own podcast. 

This webinar looked at the engagement podcasts has, which has more than doubled over the last five years, with 7.8 million people now listening to them in the UK alone, and appetite for them continues to grow.  

Podcasts are a great marketing medium generally, but are also a way for individuals to create a compelling personal brand, or promote their subject matter expertise. 

They also shared insight on where to start with podcasting, learnings on what does and doesn’t work, and how to attract the attention of 1980s power ballad singer Michael Bolton. 

We have more webinars booked in for the coming weeks, so be sure to check our events calendar and join us live. All our webinars are also available on-demand, with the full replay sent to all those who registered.

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