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We create impact. Working with clients to define, articulate, and amplify what matters most to their audiences, across three service lines – strategy, storytelling and creative delivery.

We produce purpose driven brand and content marketing, employer branding and personal branding, across three service lines – strategy, storytelling and creative delivery.

To create and embed an authentic, purpose-driven narrative, Rationale gets close to the way our clients work, what dial they want to positively turn, and what their audiences need. This way we uncover and validate narratives customers and employees believe in and will advocate.

Whether a brand’s purpose is based on a cause, or another form of targeted message, we use it to create stand-out messaging and content which positively impacts business performance and drives meaningful engagement with audiences.
The idea for our agency came from friendship – a shared point-of-view and common values: our passion for storytelling, desire to listen, and ambition to enhance the quality, creativity and relevance of what agencies provide to clients, their customers and their employees.

With over 40 years’ cumulative experience in content and brand marketing, we also know the importance of strategy, creative execution and long-burn ROI. Our clients have fun as they collaborate with us, resulting in employer and customer brand narratives and campaigns that people believe in.

Managing Director

Rowan Morrison [email protected]

Strategy Director

Svein Clouston [email protected]


15 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JE