Tasha’s Top 3 Content Marketing Webinars to Watch

Many of you will know that we quickly brought forward our plans for digital events and learning due to the 2020 pandemic. The change to online learning has enabled us to reach over 5,000 unique registrants, supporting our community to develop their content marketing skills and network with others in the industry.

We’ve had an amazing variety of speakers and joined by experts from the content marketing world, to deliver short sessions covering a wide range of topics across all areas of content marketing.

We’ve hosted over 150 webinars, all of which are recorded and available on-demand. To highlight some of the great sessions hosted over the last 12 months, our Marketing and Events Manager, Natasha Glazebrook has put together a list of her top 3 webinars.

Tasha's top 3 content marketing webinars to watch

You may have enjoyed these sessions already, so be sure to check them out. You’ll either enjoy the recap or potentially find out something new from the content marketing experts featured!

Natasha said “I’ve picked these three webinars as my highlights as they cover three key areas of the content strategy process – blog writing, data analysis, and social media marketing. Plus, they have all taught me something new, shared super useful tips that can be actioned straight away, or in one case, pleasantly surprised me.

I’ve recapped the sessions below with the relevant links to watch them back on-demand. Just register for each session using the links below and you will be emailed the recording.”

Top 3 content marketing webinars to watch:


1. The social media changes that you need to know

Hosted with Andy Lambert, Co-Founder of ContentCal
One to watch if… you manage social media accounts!

Each social media channel is forever changing. On a monthly, weekly or even daily basis in some cases, which makes it almost impossible for marketing managers to keep up and align their social media strategy to implement latest developments. But the brilliance of this webinar is that Andy keeps track for you… each month with the CMA, Andy shares the most important updates and what they mean for your business.

If there’s movement worth knowing, he’ll explain it!

The social and digital trends you need to know

You might think that there can’t be that much that changes in such a short space of time, but each month Andy packs out an hour’s worth of social media change! Not just what’s gone live but also what’s being tested, so you can be ahead of the curve.

He covers all social channels including Tiktok, Clubhouse, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Whatsapp and any more social platforms that are drawing attention.

Recent updates shared:   

  • The growth of each platform in the last year in terms of monthly active users
  • Top trends emerging across the different platforms, including how social commerce is emerging stronger each month, the rise of audio-first content to compete with Clubhouse, and the continued growth of video and the growth of VR/AR
  • A spotlight on each platform to share their individual updates

Andy said, “It’s been an absolute privilege to work with the CMA in delivering these social media updates. It’s such a passionate and knowledgeable community and it fills me with joy to be able to add value in some way“.

We’re still running these sessions with Andy every month for the rest of the year, so do join us for the next session to ask Andy any questions you may have about the latest updates. Take a look at our webinar calendar.  

Watch April’s rundown with Andy on-demand

2. Become better at digital analysis by understanding your behavioural biases

Hosted with George Harris, Chief Product Officer at Three Whiskey  
One to watch if you work with numbers!

When I first read the title of this webinar, I was pleased to be learning something new about representation of data, but I’ll be honest… It wasn’t at the top of my ‘watch list’, as in my opinion, digital and data analysis isn’t the most glamorous topic, especially comparing it to other webinars in the list like newsjacking! But understanding how data can be manipulated is something that we should all learn.

What I didn’t expect was to completely love this webinar. George hosted the whole thing as an experiment with his dog, Rafferty at the centre to explain why we are all flawed when we interpret numbers and data. It made it really easy to understand the notion of behavioural bias… and there were pictures of dogs, and who wouldn’t love that?!

Behaviour Bias webinar

I won’t spoil the ending, but the audience answered multiple polls about what they thought Rafferty would pick for his favourite treat, but George presented some new information each time which made some of the audience rethink their first selection, and ultimately understand how data can be manipulated.

George said, “I wanted to bring data analysis to life for a creative audience, so my faithful canine companion obliged via a taste test experiment and live webinar poll. It was interesting to see attendees changing their minds as they learned more about the experiment background. Working with the CMA helped me create something fun and memorable on a topic I care deeply about – data!”

Every day, we make thousands of decisions or interpretations that are preconditioned or predictable. Our daily lives are influenced by our behavioural bias which affects our decision making, and advertising and marketing particularly make us easy to influence.

This session is a great way to understand cognitive bias and presentation of data and acts as a good reminder to always consider the bigger picture before we go down a certain path of thinking.

Watch the webinar back on-demand

3. Creating blogs that convert

Hosted with Lynsey Sweales, CEO of SocialB
One to watch if… you are a writer or proof copy!

This one is from way back in May last year! It’s been a whole year since Lynsey’s second webinar with the CMA, where she came on to share how your blog can generate a huge amount of traction to your website from your target audience and support your new business goals.

In the talk, Lynsey shared how you‘re more likely to get 3x more leads from blogging than you are from ads. So, you may already be blogging for a brand, or perhaps you’ve heard that it’s good for SEO but want to know more, or you might have tried blogging and it hasn’t generated you any business… but Lynsey is able to help in all of these situations with these actionable insights that you can implement for your organisation.

Creating blogs that convert webinar

Key takeaways:
  • How to establish your blog objective
  • How to pick the right title
  • Importance of listening to your audience and how you can do it
  • Tips for writing to convert
  • Measurement at its best
  • Tracking performance – reporting for your boss.

As well as these key takeaways, Lynsey stresses the importance of how blog content is not promotional content. It’s not about you, but about answering the problems of your target audience. If you listen to them and provide content that educates, entertains or inspires, they’re more likely to engage with your organisation.

Improve your blog content and watch back on-demand

We’ve got plenty more webinars booked in for the coming weeks, so do check out our events calendar to join us live and put your own questions to the speakers.  

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