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CMA Digital Breakfasts

The CMA Digital Breakfasts are a monthly opportunity for members, non-members and clients to gain a unique insight into the digital world. 

They are established, thought leadership events featuring three individual speakers who present their own topics and then take part in a panel debate at the end. Each session is future thinking and provides an opportunity to learn successful strategies you can adopt in the digital landscape.

Topics for this year include - Video content for engagement and lead generation, Native advertising: opportunities for brands and publishers and The human touch: bloggers, vloggers and social media personalities.


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Real-time content marketing: how to make it work for brands (13/05/15)

Sharing content via social networks is now a primary distribution mechanism for digital content creators. Your audience accesses social media throughout the day and night, when it’s convenient for them. For many brands this means adopting a live, always-on approach to content creation and delivery, in order to engage their audiences at every opportunity.

Creating content in real-time is not a straightforward prospect. Often content teams and marketing professionals are not set up for this approach, and need to consider new ways to practise content production and workflow to get it right.

In this session we will look at how digital content providers are making real-time media work effectively, and what organisations are doing to make real-time a powerful part of their content strategy.

Speakers - TBC


Tim TuckerTraining Consultant – CMA. Tim is a trainer, content strategist, online copywriter, user experience designer, and consultant who helps people to communicate better through digital media. He has over 13 years' experience working in digital media.


Weds 13th May 2015 - 9am to approx. 10.30/11.00am. 

Breakfast is served from 08.30am


CMA members:   £75 + VAT*

Non members:   £150 + VAT*


New location!

May's breakfast will be held at CMA member, ITN Productions

ITN Productions, ITN Productions, 200 Gray’s Inn Road, London

Why Should I Come?

“The CMA digital breakfast gatherings offer insight into the ever changing world of content marketing and are worth attending. A big tick in both the useful and relevant box. We generally send along a mix of staff from PCP as the topics and themes are quite varied and the events are very good value. Go along and get involved, I promise that you will learn something.” Stuart Charlton – Commercial Director - PCP

“CMA are always keen to look at ways to pull in the best speakers and be involved in the leading industry events – a great benefit for members. The Digital Breakfasts, which as a team we attend regularly, are always carefully put together to be relevant and informative. Time is precious so you need to know it’s going to be time well spent and we certainly feel this is the case with the CMA.” Catherine Reid, Marketing Manager - Remarkable

Who Should Come?

Senior Management, Marketers, Account Directors/Managers, Editorial, Developers and Designers.

How to book your place:

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Upcoming Breakfasts
Digital Breakfast Sessions 2015
Visual storytelling and trends in digital design (10/06/15)

Visual content will explode in 2015, according to Forbes. We’ve already seen great inroads made in this area during the past 12 months, but the trend is poised to grow even further.

Images, galleries, photos, videos, slide decks and infographics are the formats of choice for many consumers. Presenting information in a visual way ensures that your content stands out. It is also social media-friendly, especially as platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have focused their platforms on delivering more visual content.

We’ll be talking to content specialists who have seen great success with visual content, and looking at the impact of visual content on digital design and web development.

Creating adaptable content for the mobile web (8/07/15)

We’re in the white heat of the mobile revolution. Already many businesses are seeing over 50% of their traffic from mobile devices, and this trend is only likely to continue.

Content is consumed in different ways on mobile devices. Attention spans are often shorter, and the scope for reading and scanning differs significantly depending on screen size. For content marketers, this presents a challenge: how to ensure that content maximises its impact across all screen sizes and contexts?

We will look at best practice for designing and creating content for the mobile web, whether it’s responsive, adaptive, mobile or native, with examples and case studies from the brands, businesses and agencies that are doing it right.

Video content for engagement and lead generation (9/09/15)

By 2017 video views will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. The growth rate is staggering, and any business that doesn’t include video as a major component of its content strategy is doing so at its peril.

Video content is no longer just the preserve of YouTube. At the end of 2014 Facebook became the leading platform in terms of video uploads and shares. The imminent launch of Twitter’s video product will add further competition and a new dynamic to the medium. Add to that the impressive growth of short video formats, like Vine and Instagram, and it’s clear that video is quickly becoming the most engaging content type on the web, and especially through social media.

This session will show you how to implement video successfully into your content strategy, and showcase what brands and organisations are doing to win the hearts and minds of customers through video content.

Native advertising: opportunities for brands and publishers (14/10/15)

2014 saw dramatic growth in native advertising spend and experts predict higher spending in this area for the next three years and beyond.

But this growth doesn’t come without its challenges. Research has shown that 21% of readers have mistaken a native ad for editorial content, and 30% are unsure if they have. This can lead to a lack of trust and disgruntled customers.

This digital breakfast will showcase good examples, provide tips for best practice, and explore what content marketers need to do to ensure they do Native Advertising right.

Content and data: brand strategies for wearables and the ‘Internet of Things’ (11/11/15)

The ‘Internet of Things’ (a trend that sees more and more physical products connected to the internet) has been lauded for some time, but there are signs that we could be witnessing the dawn of this new era in 2015.

The government has announced plans to invest £45m into these technologies, and Ovum predicts that the number of machine-to-machine connections will increase to 360.9m by 2018. Meanwhile, for the consumer the launch of Apple Watch may well provide the tipping point for usable internet-connected devices.

The data provided by these products has the potential to revolutionise the targeted marketing of products. But how can content providers and brands take advantage of this major cultural shift? And how will people use watches, drones and other internet-connected devices in their day-to-day lives? Hear from experts and advocates of these technologies, to stay informed of this vital aspect of the digital world.

Expert panel: Best of the web 2015, plus predictions for 2016 (9/12/15)

If there’s one thing we can expect in digital media it's that change is constant. By now it should be clear that every 12 months brings new challenges and new opportunities for brands and marketers.

We’ll analyse and assess the significant trends in 2015 and point to the major factors for content marketers to focus on in the next 12 months.

You can be sure that whatever’s coming next, it’s going to be significant.

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The CMA digital breakfast gatherings offer insight into the ever changing world of content marketing and are worth attending. A big tick in both the useful and relevant box. Stuart Charlton
Commercial Director
The Digital Breakfasts, which as a team we attend regularly, are always carefully put together to be relevant and informative. Time is precious so you need to know it's going to be time well spent and we certainly feel this is the case with the CMA. Catherine Reid
Marketing Manager