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studioID is the content studio that delivers multi-language and multi-format content for brands such as American Express, Generali, Marriott and many more (check out our portfolio to be inspired).

Our editorial heritage is forged from the legacy of our parent, Industry Dive, who since 2012 have launched 22 publications for over 11 million readers from banking to construction, from Cybersecurity to Pharma.

We’re simply an award-winning global content studio that deeply understands audience and has a journalistic approach to multi-format content. We drive results across brand to demand whilst balancing data and creativity to ensure our partners are proud of everything they publish.

We believe in the need for strategic content marketing expertise, trusted client partnerships, proprietary audience data, licensed content and original content that would sit comfortably on the front page of any major publisher.

Some of you may remember us as the NewsCred content marketing team before the acquisition in 2020 (if you do, please drop us a line and say “Hi”!)

Oh, and did we mention we’re a global company? We currently service 150+ brands across 21 industries in 25 different countries.

We look forward to connecting soon!

General Manager

Christina Morrison [email protected]


LABS House, Industry Dive, 15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH