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At Kaptcha we help companies create more emotional connections with their audiences. We make films that work. Films that connect with people. Films that stir emotion and inspire action.

Our team is built around award-winning BBC executives, directors and crew. We give a full end-to-end service – creative and strategic thinking, combined with huge editorial experience from the broadcast TV world.

Our strategic approach is deeply rooted within the highest level of BBC programme production. We apply the same methodology to your video content as we did to hit shows like Top Gear, BBC News and Crimewatch.

They succeeded because their purpose was clear and their tone of voice consistent. They were promoted and broadcast regularly to boost the audience, and feedback was applied continuously to keep improving. Our BBC executives now apply the same methodology to your business campaigns.

Our clients include some of the UK’s largest organisations (Aviva, BAE Systems, Barclays, EY, The FCA, KPMG, Rolls Royce, etc) as well as SME’s and charities.

We’re here for all your video needs – not just filming and editing. As long as it’s video, we have the solution.

Let’s Kaptcha your story together.

Managing Director

Richard Thomson [email protected]


The Willows, Parsonage Lane, Farnham Common, BUCKS, SL2 3NZ