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Hearst Content Agency

Hearst Content Agency help clients meet their marketing objectives, through strategic, engaging, and effective conversations with their customer. Elevating brands and triggering the desired outcome. We create bespoke print and digital content for brands, which we can also monetise and amplify to targeted audiences. Areas of specialism include web and social, video, motion graphics, photography, audio and magazines. We maximise the impact of your content marketing investment through Hearst insight, quality and reach.

We are based at the House of Hearst, home of some of the world’s most enduring media brands. Operating as a boutique agency within the wider business enables our team to maximise the impact of your content marketing.

Specifically, we build our content strategies on a base of social listening, performance- and search-insight, then we add a layer of insight unique to Hearst. This could be research undertaken with our 65,000 strong audience panel or instant insights run in real time to relevant audiences throughout our brand network. We draw upon the editors’ expertise from around the business as they live deep in the markets day in day out.   

The Agency’s creative team has the quality you would expect from a global media business. We have in house editors, creative directors, animators and videographers.

We amplify content in print and online, also accessing Hearst brands’ network and audiences. Finally, we commit to measuring performance, learning and feeding back into the content strategies.

Commercial Strategy Director

Rachel Middlewick [email protected]


House of Hearst, 30 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4AJ