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iResearch Services is a global data-driven thought leadership agency. Research is at the heart of everything they do, with evidence-based research knowledge empowering brands to connect with their audience to build digital trust and be respected as a thought leader.

Thought leadership enables brands, from all sectors, to become powerful authorities, helping them to deliver influential, impactful, insight-based opinions. iResearch helps clients to unearth customer challenges and tackle topics to drive business and societal change. Their all-encompassing service, from research, to thought leadership, to activation and lead generation strategies, makes them the thought leadership partner of choice for clients across technology, financial and professional services.


Yogesh Shah [email protected]

VP Marketing

Shabnam Gangar [email protected]

Editor in Chief

Rachael Kinsella [email protected]


iResearch Services Ltd, North West House, 119 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5PU