Past Digital Breakfasts

B2B Marketing Challenges – 2nd August

The speakers will be discussing the role of content in marketing to other businesses, creating exciting content in ‘boring’ industries and leveraging the impact of market sector influencers to build a platform for thought leadership strategies.


Giuseppe Caltabiano, Head of Content Marketing Advisory Services, NewsCred

Giuseppe has +20 years of experience in the fields of IT, Software, Industry, Energy. He is a B2B content marketing speaker, author and writer. Guiseppe is Head of Content Marketing Advisory Services at NewsCred, the world’s leading enterprise content marketing company; he advises global top B2B and B2C brands to build effective content marketing strategy.

Kobi Omenaka, Google Certified Digital Marketing Consultant, Teacher & Speaker

Kobi is a Google Adwords Certified Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Podcaster and Trainer and offer bespoke in-house training, online training courses and consultations.

Sam Gallagher, Client Services Director at Progressive Content

Sam is Client Services Director at Progressive Content and is responsible for the strategic development and successful delivery of all client work across the agency and Content Cloud platform. He and his team oversee the digital development and multimedia content delivery for some biggest global B2B brands including RBS, KPMG, Sage and ICAEW.

Progressive is now the UK’s largest specialist B2B content agency, with services ranging from one-off campaigns to the creation of end-to-end enterprise content platforms for major blue-chip firms. Its Content Cloud® and Knowledge Bank digital solutions allow businesses to connect with customers at speed and at scale.

Mike Baxter, Product and Content Lead, Goal Atlas

Since 2001, Mike has advised c-suite, senior leadership and heads of teams of global B2B and B2C companies on major business transformation projects.  This has included content strategy, content governance and content audits for clients in a variety of industry sectors. Mike is a psychologist by training and has had successful careers as a research scientist, trawlerman, product designer, government advisor, author, professor of design and communication, before becoming a consultant.

In his talk, Mike will present Goal Atlas’s best practice framework for B2B content strategy, rooted in core principles of social psychology. Based on this framework, Mike will use examples from his own consultancy work to define a systematic approach to content strategy development, content strategy deployment and standard operating procedures for managing B2B content in a scaleable business-as-usual way.

Content of the Future – 5th July

The speakers will be discussing how content of the future will be semantically-rich, structured content pieces that are human-readable and machine-process-able – we look at why (and how to do it right).


Stephen Kenwright, Director of Search, Branded3

Stephen is director of search at St. Ives Group-owned Branded3 – the best large SEO agency in Europe according to the 2016 judges of the EU Search Awards – and is responsible for owned media, including search, analytics and marketing.

Writing weekly for the Drum Magazine, Stephen has presented at more than 100 industry events since joining B3 in 2012 and now organises the SearchLeeds conference, hosting thousands of marketers from around Europe every year.

Intelligence in content is about accessibility – how can we make sure the right content surfaces itself at the moment when a customer wants to see it? We’ll never really know how good content is unless we can test the reaction of the exact people who need to see it – so how can we use testing this to create better content?

Stephen will cover:

  • How conversational UX – chatbots, voice search etc. – are making content accessible in different ways and what we need to do about this
  • Is AI realistic for most brands in the near future?
  • How do we take our first steps towards this?
  • Why Amazon is the ultimate intelligent content engine and how to compete


Nicola Fleming, VP Head of Digital Content Strategy, Barclays

The way we consume content is evolving at a relentless pace, leaving some businesses struggling to keep up.

Nicola Fleming, digital strategist and former Head of Digital Content Strategy for Barclays, explains why implementing structured content today can help organisations prepare for the devices and behaviours of tomorrow.

Noz Urbina, Content Strategist and Founder, Urbina Consulting


Noz Urbina is a globally recognised content strategist and modeller. He’s well known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modelling to support personalised, contextually relevant content for omnichannel experiences.  He is also co-author of the book “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits“.

Noz will be talking about:

Using Adaptive Content to Create Topical and Evergreen Deliverables from the Same Source

After a strong reception from the  audience at the Content Marketing Institute’s international Intelligent Content Conference (4.8 stars) in Las Vegas, Noz Urbina presents on one of his most in-demand topics.

A core challenge of content marketing is being able to create topical content and evergreen content, at a high level of quality, and at scale. Using examples from enterprise clients, we’ll see how adaptive, intelligent content can bridge the divide between content that’s about the latest hot topics and content that’s useful and interesting to our audience over the longer term.

  • Learn how organisations have rethought their content to allow assets to nurture leads with up-to-the-minute fresh content, while still making those same assets deliver longer-term ROI
  • Learn to break out of the struggle of justifying creating content that goes through a short commission-publish-forget cycle
  • Get practical tips for getting started today
Brands as Broadcasters – 7th June

Simon - emailSimon Shelley, Head of Industry News at ITN Productions

Simon has scaled the Industry News unit from inception to a global business operating in three regions, having produced content for over a 1000 brands and organisations across most sectors and professions in our society.


chayya-syal - EmailCháyya Syal, Broadcast Journalist at BBC

Cháyya is an award winning, Forbes listed Broadcast Journalist with seven years’ experience working across print, digital, broadcast, video and radio from London, UK.

She currently works on a live news programme at the BBC, is a Schools Speaker for Amnesty International, is a Huffington Post blogger and goes to schools and colleges across London to discuss careers, responsible journalism and tech.

Content creation is a buzzword in Marketing but where do you start? What’s more effective? Chayya discusses blogs, vlogs, Snapchat, Instagram stories and why more and more brands are trying to be like broadcasters.

Rob Molloy, Director of Global TV Content & Sales , Guinness World Records

Rob joined Guinness World Records in 2003 and is responsible for the development and global distribution of GWR’s broadcast content, overseeing productions in numerous territories including UK, China, Japan and the US.

He also manages distribution of GWR’s online content and lead the launch of the company’s two YouTube channels which boast over 2 million subscribers combined with over 400m video views.

More recently Rob has overseen the brand’s presence on Facebook Live, producing 24+ broadcasts a month for GWR’s audience of 12m+ Facebook fans.

Rob will be discussing Embracing Disruption: How to Remodel a Legacy Brand for the Modern Age

Guinness World Records had to embrace disruption to survive and has remodelled its brand strategy to appeal to a whole new audience, growing from a single best-selling book to a multi-platform, global IP brand. In this session Guinness World Records will share its strategic journey, the record highs and lows, and reveal how the company now helps brands to use the unique power of record-breaking to amplify their message and create campaigns that are ‘Officially Amazing’.

Using interactive content to create higher engagement – 3rd May

Marvyn Email

Marvyn Harrison, Content and Services Manager at Samsung Business UK

Marvyn Harrison is a passionate and experienced content and technology professional with experience across content creation, distribution, strategy and licensing. Having seen how content has become essential to most businesses he is excited about being a part of Samsung’s place in the VR ecosystem in UK&I. Marvyn will be discussing the Samsung VR content platform and the role content plays in the Samsung product ecosystem.

Paul email imagePaul Archer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Duel

Duel is founded by UK based Paul Archer-technologist, Best-selling Author and World Record-breaking Adventurer. Paul initially launched Duel the app – a photo challenge game. But it soon became clear that the gamification and crowdsourcing of content for retailers and brands was vastly untapped – heavily reliant on scraping social networks for content.  Paul set out with co-founder, Panagiotis ‘Naio’ Tsarouchis, and a team of game developers and brand veterans to build a platform that could place customers and their content at the heart of every retail, advertising and marketing channel.

Paul has spoken at TEDx, SXSW, festival of media, Cannes Lions 2016, Social Media Week and numerous other conferences and events around the world. He’s currently researching his next book on the impact of innovation on the future of the global retail brand experience.

Devices and platforms are evolving at a breath-taking rate, and we should definitely be swept away by what this means for the future of content. But ultimately, success for retail brands comes down to how consumers choose to engage with interactive content and its ability to drive sales. Paul Archer, technologist and founder of Duel, talks about how the impetus for brands to be more authentic in their marketing continues to escalate, and how emerging technology means that customers will be front and centre of brands’ best performing content.

Roy - email

Roy Murphy, Founder, BAM Mobile

Founder of mobile innovation agency BAM and Chatbot & Voice service Helping clients and partners profit from emerging technology in the mobile economy – messaging, chatbots, ai, voice, social, apps, web, AR & VR. Delivering strategy, experience, development and commerce.

BAM works with some great clients and partners in a variety of sectors from Finance, Leisure, Automotive, Entertainment and Education. The common theme is helping thier clients understand new technology and delivering work that makes a difference to their customers.

Roy is currently working with some fantastic new and established businesses and partners in varied sectors – music, publishing, Travel, IoT, banking, leisure, education, healthcare and visual products.

Distributing Content Through Paid, Owned and Earned Media – 5th April 2017

The speakers for this breakfast discussed the smart ways to get your content to the right audience, driving organic traffic growth and amplification through paid channels.


Alec Square

Alec McCrindle, Creative Director at Yahoo Studio EMEA

Alec oversees the content and creative team for Yahoo Storytellers. The team is responsible for custom content creation and consulting for clients across Yahoo and Tumblr – across EMEA and internationally. He led Yahoo’s first EU-wide content marketing program in 2007, its first influencer programs in 2008, and two years ago he merged the visual content and editorial content functions in anticipation of the social content trend. He’s currently working on data led storytelling and bringing unique content creators to the fore.

Alec has had various creative leadership roles in the UK and South Africa since he left art school to get involved in this new internet in the 90’s. He’s still amused that it’s gone full circle on GIFs.

neilson-hallNeilson Hall, CEO and Co-Founder at Illuminate

Neilson has been working in performance media for nearly 10 years. In this time he has consistently innovated and developed new products, driven huge incremental revenue for clients and agencies alike and become a respected thought leader through appearances on main stream television, radio and prominent conferences worldwide.

His commercial marketing background allows him to deliver integrated performance solutions across some of the world’s largest brands in a variety of verticals, these include: British Gas, Amex, Direct Line, Thomas Cook, SDG group, Adidas, GM, Apple, Compare the Market, Dell and Arcadia.

Neilson will be discussing how to build a POE (Paid, Owned and Earned) model while also touching on  a flexible POE model that sits with both the agency and client. Neilson will consider the cross functional backbone of all content distribution and how tools and technology affects it. Successful distribution strategies will be explored using real life case studies in a number of verticals.


Vincent Haywood, Digital Strategist, Social Media & Content Marketing Trainer and Speaker

Vincent has been doing this digital thing for nearly 20 years now, looking after clients like Harry Potter globally, WWE, COS, City Jet, Jaguar, Land Rover, Xbox, Nike, Adidas, Chivas regal, Agent Provocateur and many more. His passion lies in Social Media and Content Marketing, and he will be talking about how to use social media to distribute content effectively.

Content Marketing Throughout the Purchase Funnel – 1st March 2017

The speakers for this breakfast will be discussing how to plan content strategies that deliver value throughout the funnel, as well as content objectives, from raising awareness to driving loyalty.



Abi Morrish, Digital Engagement Business Director, MEC Wavemaker

Abi has over 9 years’ experience working in social and digital content across multiple markets leading brands and currently heads up the Digital Engagement team at MEC Wavemaker.

In 2016 she was awarded Media Week’s Rising Star award and was placed in Media Week’s top 30 under 30. She is dedicated to closing the loop between social content and business objectives, and helping brands make audience first content.

AdamAdam Lewis, B2B Strategist: Content Marketing, Inbound & Social

Topic: The truth about B2B content marketing. 

Many B2B businesses claim they are doing content marketing. Most of them are lying. They are still pushing out ads and product-focused content like they always did but now its in the form of social posts, video and infographics!  In his talk Adam shares how to create a full-funnel content strategy that blends content, social advertising and marketing automation to deliver results.

Adam is a freelance B2B content strategist. He works with B2B businesses and agencies to create compelling content that drives marketing qualified leads. He uses a data-driven planning process to meticulously map out content that attracts and converts prospects.  He has done award winning work for global brands such as IBM, Thomson Reuters, Box, Symantec, Visa, Bacardi and Sony to name a few. Prior to being independent, Adam was Managing Director of social media consultancy, immediate future, Global Digital Director for Burson Marsteller, part of WPP and a public affairs and crisis communications consultant for a city PR firm. Adam’s current clients are KCOM, VISA, Box, Symantec & Haven.

StephenStephen Bateman, Digital Changemaker and Content Marketing Strategy Expert

Topic: Why and how to turn your content planning strategy on its head for optimum ROI

Most businesses claim to be doing some form of content marketing, albeit poorly and without demonstrable ROI. This is because the majority of marketers are not following best practice content marketing planning, preferring to fill their funnels, rather than shore up their bucket.

Most marketers today plan their content top down, rather than bottom up, using expensive resources to fill their top of funnel content activity without securing the middle funnels and bottom bucket. This results are extreme waste and poor, if any ROI.

In his talk Stephen shares a model for bottom and mid funnel content strategy that reduces waste through the funnel, to deliver markedly higher ROI and improved content marketing results.

Stephen is the UK’s leading content marketing strategy expert focused on supporting the customer journey with great content and improving content’s ROI. He works closely with Dave Chaffey at Smart Insights, Oxford Innovation, Bryony Thomas (Watertight Marketing,) Peninsula Enterprise, Heart of the South West, Innovate 2 Succeed and Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet (ISDI) to deliver best-in-class strategic content marketing training and support to marketing professionals everywhere.

Content marketing success factors for 2017 -1st February 2017

For this breakfast the speakers will be covering how to deliver true business value through content marketing, measuring return on objectives and return on investment as well as learning from those who are creating successful content marketing.



Gina Balarin, Founder and CEO, Verballistics

Content 2017: storytelling, authenticity, and how to find the ‘golden moment. 

What are the key issues for content marketers in 2017? It’s about cutting through the noise and reaching your audience with an authentic message. Gina will discuss how this is made possible through storytelling and identifying your brand’s ‘golden moment’.  Gina is the founder of Verbalistics, a bespoke marketing consultancy that focuses on finding the truth of your core messaging. With more than a dozen years of experience under her belt, she has helped companies across three continents find the essence of their business and amplify the stories they tell in a way that reaches, and influences, their target audiences and delivers results.


Nick - email

Nick Hajdu, Co-Founder, Navigate Video

Ensuring your content ‘works’

In the world of post-truth and an ever more sceptical customer, content marketing has become an essential part of the way brands communicate. However, what use is content marketing if it’s not measurable and doesn’t offer return on investment? Nick will be addressing these issues and looking particularly at how video, as the core of any content marketing strategy, can offer real business value and help drive business goals.

Nick is co-founder of Navigate Video, video specialists advising brands on content marketing and helping them make their video content ‘work’. Over a 20-year career in digital media, Nick has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country from M&S and British Airways to HSBC and AXA, advising them on use of video content to drive goals.


Dan Biddle, Director of Strategic Innovation, Twitter

Realtime marketing and the role of video in social media

Previously Dan worked with all UK Broadcasters and Productions to support and develop outstanding integrations of Twitter in TV and Radio. Part platform evangelist, part creative agency – dedicated to working with broadcasters and productions to ensure the most compelling, imaginative and engaging use of Twitter that works best for both TV shows AND their audiences.

With over six years’ experience supporting and managing online communities, Dan was Social Media Producer for the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning multiplatform production Virtual Revolution.

Passionate about social media and digital media, Dan hosted and produced Off The Wall Post – a podcast about digital media in the real world. He also runs training courses and presentations on social media / digital transformation across Europe.