Finlandia – Journey From the Source

by TCOLondon Client: Finlandia
The Brief

To raise awareness about Finlandia Vodka’s contribution to clean water causes among opinion shapers.

The Challenge

The brand wanted a two-stage influencer campaign. The first was an Instagram-centered social media campaign featuring multiple influencers from key markets around the world who embodied the Finlandia lifestyle and values. They asked TCOLondon to turn the brand’s #LessOrdinaryWisdom” campaign into a real conversation.

The second stage was to create Finlandia’s first video content series, an ambitious influencer-hosted four episodes featuring real-life people who personify the brand’s lifestyle and could reinforce its association with clean water causes.

Our Approach

TCOLondon leveraged Huck’s relationships with athletes, explorers and photographers who care deeply about water causes. The Instagram campaign was amplified through Facebook, Twitter and Huck channels. TCOLondon recruited seven influencers, who posted their own “less ordinary wisdom” accompanied by one jaw-dropping photo after another from the ends of the earth.

In stage two, National Geographic explorer and photographer Cory Richards hosted the four-part series “Journey From the Source”, exploring the world of freediving, extreme kayaking, river surfing and shark diving. Huck tapped its creative network, enlisting pro-surfer and director Mikey DeTemple to direct and Lady Gaga producer Rene Arsenault to compose an original score.

The Results

Phase One’s 100% organic social campaign had more than 3M impressions with 3.6 times the industry average for engagement.

In addition to Huck’s channels, the first two episodes of “Journey From the Source” were featured by Surfline, Devour, Mpora, Rapid Media, Cool Material and other sites with a reach of more than 12m across multiple platforms.