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Best B2B Campaign 2021: Access to Medicines

Agency: The Precinct
Client: Takeda
Award: Best B2B Campaign 2021
best b2b campaign 2021


Globally, almost half the world’s population has little or no access to healthcare.

So in 2019, Takeda initiated and funded the ‘Blueprint for Innovative Healthcare Access,’ which aims to remove the barriers that stop people from accessing care for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)—the leading cause of death worldwide (71%) killing 41M people each year.*

The Blueprint was piloted in Meru County, Kenya which has one of the highest rates of NCDs in the country, with enormous success.

Our job was to create content to help explain the Blueprint to a wider audience in an effort to increase funding and expand the Blueprint across Sub-Saharan Africa and all countries that have a weak public healthcare system.

*The rising burden of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, The Lancet, 2019 –


During our research, we were shocked to hear that there was no word for ‘cancer’ in the African language; that the stigma surrounding cancer and other NCDs was worse than HIV; and that millions of people were ending up in poverty due to having little or no access to healthcare.

So we proposed creating a documentary series that puts patient’s at the centre of the content to demonstrate the impact of the Blueprint on the lives of people with little or no access to healthcare.

Throughout the series, we visited remote communities across Kenya to uncover the biggest barriers faced by underdeveloped countries today to access care for non-communicable disease like cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

The result was a highly engaging 5-part documentary series that shares the emotional stories of five individuals at different stages of the patient journey.

  • Each episode shares the story of a different person touched by Takeda’s Blueprint for Innovative Access Pilot in Meru County, Kenya at different stages of the patient journey: Awareness, Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing Patient Support across various NCDs
  • The series demonstrates the importance of partnerships through interactions between the patient and NGOs on the ground which is seamlessly woven into the patient story as they overcome barriers to access healthcare
  • Every episode begins with a message about the problem of rising NCDs globally and ends with a statistic showcasing a positive impact as a result of the framework – driving empathy and encouraging more NGOs to get involved The documentary series launch coincided with the AtM Two-Year Progress Report and is now being promoted to relevant NGO’s via a targeted social and publication partnership strategy.

Series Trailer "The Story Behind the Blueprint" from The Precinct on Vimeo.


Since releasing the series, the Blueprint for Innovative Healthcare Access has achieved its goal of expanding beyond Meru, Kenya into Rwanda, where the framework has been adapted to address local healthcare needs.

But the biggest measure of success is that the Blueprint is saving lives.

While this cannot be directly attributed to the video series alone, it is a testament to the fantastic work Takeda are doing with the Blueprint in helping achieving UHC (Universal Health Coverage) 2030 – a goal that every country and every individual will have access to health by 2030 without suffering financial hardship.

In the initial 21 months of the pilot Blueprint in Meru County: > 46,000 screenings for cancer, diabetes, and hypertension have been provided to almost 13,000 people, of which:

  • 1,000 patients received cancer treatment and support
  • 500 patients referred for treatment of diabetes and hypertension
  • 800 Community Health Volunteers and Trainers qualified to raise awareness of cancer and hypertension symptoms, provide screenings, and conduct community campaigns on health promotion.

On top of this, Takeda has;

  • since been ranked sixth overall out of 20 world-leading pharma companies in the 2021 Access to Medicine Index and
  • earned industry-leading positions in the three areas measured by the Index for its company-wide commitment and efforts to provide patients access to their innovative treatments.

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