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Best Individual Video 2022: Dialect, Inc. with Logitech G’s Keep Playing

Client: Logitech G
Award: Best Video - Individual
logitech keep playing


Logitech G are leaders in gaming and technology but wanted to position themselves as the brand of choice for new audiences entering the market. 

We collaborated with Logitech G to create a standalone video campaign entitled Keep Playing which placed the brand at the heart of play. 

The Keep Playing campaign showcased the importance of integrated, strategically-led delivery of powerful content in building awareness, engaging new audiences and shifting brand perceptions on a monumental scale. 

Goal: Creating a transformative moment 

As the goal was to increase brand awareness and attract new audiences, we knew the campaign must communicate something fresh. We proposed a global Keep Playing campaign that would lead Logitech G to a ‘transformative moment’, and position the brand as a cultural leader by tapping into specific audience passion centres. 

Message: The gaming community welcomes all 

The campaign focussed upon ‘rolling out the welcome mat’ to the gaming world. By celebrating inclusivity and diversity in gaming we communicated a simple but heartfelt message: 

Everyone should be made to feel welcome to play – irrespective of skill level, game and geography. The Logitech G gaming community is for everyone.

This message was encapsulated in a high-profile statement of intent that was entertaining, compelling, and crucially emotional, while capturing the shared passion and fun of the play experience. 

The Challenge: Building brand awareness 

But our first challenge was raising awareness of Logitech G as a brand. We had to reach new audiences (people entering the gaming market) in a meaningful way and establish an emotional connection with the brand. A connection that would position Logitech G as a thought leader, foster brand allegiance, and ultimately generate sales. 


Strategy: Position Logitech G as a cultural leader 

Our strategy hinged on developing Logitech G’s credibility as a cultural leader in order to build the brand’s appeal with an audience beyond their traditional demographic. 

Insight showed us there was an opportunity to position the brand at the heart of an accessible gaming culture that welcomed newcomers. 

From there, we devised the core campaign truth that play is universal, everyone is a gamer, and play is for everyone. That distilled into our campaign tagline: Keep Playing. 

Creative: Go big 

Creatively, the plan was always to go big to deliver upon the goals of creating a transformative moment and positioning Logitech G as a cultural leader. 

We developed the creative concept of a marquee video that could capture the emotional power of a global gaming culture distinguished by its many forms, peoples, and talents, but united by the joy of play. 

Creative features included archive footage to showcase the scale of inclusivity and diversity among gamers bound together as a community of players. 

The scripting was relatable, positive, and personal. For audio, we landed on an emotive track called Kin by the Grammy Award winning electronic musician, Tourist. The voiceover was by Leonie Hodge who wonderfully expressed the underlying truth of the script: strength without grandiosity, emotion without sentimentality. 

The final video for Keep Playing is compelling and entertaining, while resonating with the powerful emotions behind the universality of play. 

The resultant spot runs to 1.30 seconds and captures a snapshot of contemporary global gaming culture in all its energetic and exciting diversity. From families playing together to pro-gamers single-mindedly focussed on the win – the viewer gets an authentic sense of play as an inclusive and unifying force for good. Meanwhile, the creative places Logitech G at the heart of gaming.

Media: A unified brand message 

With the launch of Keep Playing, we moved away from a siloed media plan and transitioned to a unified brand campaign. 

(Previously Keep Playing sought to expand delivery against established campaigns for Logitech G’s four key product categories – Wireless, Pro, Social and Sim). 

The joined-up Keep Playing campaign first exposed our audience to a single brand message. Then we filtered each segment into a campaign strand for the product group that best matched their demographic profile and behavioural targeting set. 

This enabled us to double down on our objective of reaching a fresh audience that was both new to gaming and new to Logitech G. 

We achieved this goal through a mass extension of targeting criteria, actively targeting new entrants, and by placing the campaign in environments which Logitech G had not previously explored. 

Watch the hero film here:


Our brand campaign and media plan successfully raised brand awareness by connecting with audiences on an emotional level. This demonstrably led to increased direct sales for Logitech G.

Since going live, the campaign has delivered: 

  • 112 million impressions worldwide
  • 85% drop in Cost Per Click from $0.42 to $0.06
  • 3.3:1 RoAS achieved

Social performance 

The campaign positively impacted audience engagement. We saw a strong performance uplift on all social platforms for Logitech G: 

  • 423% CTR increase across TikTok (from 0.69% to 3.71%). This is Logitech’s best-performing campaign on TikTok
  • 100% completion increase across Facebook (16.6% to 33.37%)
  • 73% of YouTube viewers watched until the end
  • 51% uplift in average watch time on YouTube – increased from 50s to 78s
  • 25% CTR increase on programmatic video (0.8% to 1.01%) *

Brand sentiment 

The campaign prompted conversations about Logitech G and positive sentiment increased. Research shows that we built strong, emotional connections with Logitech G’s audiences, both new and existing. 

We researched the views of over 1,000 USA target consumers to evaluate the campaign’s performance and impact on brand perceptions via a 10-minute online survey and qualitative vox pop videos. 

  • 75% said they think the video is relevant to them and is inclusive
  • 73% said they think the campaign feels different compared to other Logitech G content
  • 73% said the video made them feel inspired
  • 18% uplift in likelihood of recommending Logitech G – shifted from 55% to 65%

Brand perceptions were captured prior to exposing respondents to the campaign’s master video. This data acted as a baseline for measuring shifts in attitude and impact on brand perceptions. 

Ultimately, the Keep Playing campaign has improved brand perception. Audiences more strongly associate the Logitech G brand with being inclusive, forward-thinking, creative, fun, and a cultural leader. We have also impacted purchase intent among consumers. 73% said watching the video has made them more likely to consider buying Logitech G products.

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