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Best Use of Print 2022: Everyone Needs An Auditor Once In A While

Client: Revisorforeningen
Award: Best Use of Print 2022
everyone needs an auditor


Norway is in desperately need of more auditors. 5000 the next five years to be precise. This alone is a massive challenge, but if you add the fact that the demand is growing, but applications to both relevant universities and job adverts has had a significant decrease the last couple of years, the challenge is close to impossible. The brief was/is to change people’s perception about what an auditor is and does, and drive recruitment.


There’s no secret that auditors have a reputation of being grey and dull. We wanted to turn boring into something ownable and positive. Because in a world that’s turning more and more crazy, a little dullness is just what we need. The first step was to communicate the profession’s function, but most importantly communicate in an unexpected way using humor as a tool to differentiate Revisorforeningen’s (the client) communication, and to not end up as conservative, dull, and traditional, which is typical for the Norwegian finance sector. The campaign included print ads, OOH, online videos, and content.

everyone needs an auditor


Everyone Needs an Auditor Once in a While is still ongoing, but campaign measurements show us that we’re on the right path.

● 37% of target group has a better impression of the profession.

● 21% of students say they are more interested in working or educate themselves as Auditors.

● 26% of the general public has a more positive impression of the profession.

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