by Client: Defacto

Created following a law passed on 27 February 2007, Defacto is the public institution in charge of the management of the business district La Défense. It oversees the management, marketing and activities of the district’s public space.


From a new signage system to a revitalised activities and entertainment policy, Defacto has simultaneously kick-started a number of major projects. Defacto has also equipped La Défense with a territorial strategy that is shared with all main public and private actors. In light of this, the institution is seeking to establish a connection with all users of the business district: company directors, employees, residents, tourists and so on.


To each audience, their own communication tool: this is the guiding principle that underpins Defacto’s communication strategy. Its aim is to build a strong relationship with users and offer them more services. This is combined with a cross-media strategy when it comes to content: texts republished and re-adapted from one medium to another, visual consistency, content accessible on all media, print, web and social networks.


The package is made up of three main media groups:

  • a «Services» group: documents with strong ‘use value’, aimed at providing users with practical information on the site (thematic guides, welcome booklets for employees)
  • a «Reference» group: documents presenting and showing off the district (activity report, the «Repères» (landmarks) collection, Paris La Défense institutional brochure)
  • an «Actualité» (news) group: newsletters aimed at residents (Defacto Magazine), newsletters aimed at employees and the general public (Defacto Les Infos).