Harry’s Top 3 Webinars

Here at the CMA, we had plans in place before all of the drama 2020 brought to add webinars to our offering. That plan was brought to the forefront when everything descended into chaos early last year and has single-handedly been one of the best decisions we made. It has allowed our members to share the wealth of knowledge and expertise in in a multitude of fields, our community has grown exponentially, and it’s extended the number of collaborations between agencies and brands alike.  

Since April 2020, we’ve had over 5,000 unique registrants and an amazing variety of speakers covering a wide range of topics. To highlight some of the great sessions hosted over the last 12 months, I’ve put together a list of my top three webinars. 

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Some of you may have watched these sessions live or caught them on-demand, but if you missed it, not to worry, I’ve added a links below as our sessions are available on-demand for free. 

Register for a session using the links below and you’ll be emailed a link to watch the session on-demand. 

Harry’s Top Three Webinars 

1. Jobs in Content 

Philip O’Connell, Founder of Narrative – ‘CV and Interview Tips
Simon Bates, Touchpaper – ‘Finding the Right Fit – bridging the culture gap
Christina da Silva & Stuart Purcell, Cedar – ‘The Future Content Marketeer

Back in February of this year we had noticed more and more job opportunities beginning to crop up across the industry and felt it was a better time than any to call upon our friends and members to cover a few different viewpoints when it comes to hiring new talent.  

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In this webinar we have Phillip O’Connell Founder of Narrative covering tips and tricks from both the employer and employee sides but perhaps more importantly the differing in expectations that many now have as a result of different working environments during the pandemic. He also spoke on how to construct your job descriptions to attract the best talent and, what recruiters look for when searching for the best candidates on LinkedIn. 

The webinar also contained talks from Christina da Silva, Global business transformation & development officer and Stuart Purcell , Global Chief Creative Officer from Cedar who talked about what the future content marketer would look like and what skills you need to learn and develop to help your career moving forward. Finally, we had Simon Bates, Founder of Touchpaper Marketing who covered cultural fit and why it is so important both from an individual standpoint and that of an organisation. 

2. What is Content Marketing?

Ed Hutchinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Future
Kate McLeod, Business Director at Cedar
Sarah O’Kane, Head of Partnerships at TCO London

As we approached the first anniversary of CMA Learning, we were looking to cover a question that we hadn’t investigated in one of our webinars yet, but due to an ever-growing audience, we ran a special event: What is Content Marketing?  

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This is a question that’s often asked, not only by some of the new members of our community, but also those that have worked within publishing or marketing for some time and maybe noticed the slow merge of certain teams and departments.  

In this session with the help of Ed Hutchinson of Future, Kate McLeod of Cedar and Sarah O’Kane of TCO London, we hold a round table style discussion of the core elements of content marketing, some of the general misconceptions, the effectiveness, and the application of content marketing in the real world. It’s both for people who are new to the content world but also provides some discussion points that the more well versed in the industry may find interesting. 

3. Accessible Content 101 

With Amy Wheaton, VERB Interactive 

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Accessible content is content that can easily be searches, obtained, consumed, understood, and interacted with regardless of an individual’s ability and regardless of the device they are using.  

15% of people in the world have a disability and it can impair them in many different ways when it comes to accessing and consuming content. Amy Wheaton of Verb Interactive delves into this and more as she tackles the traditional views on accessible content, how we can do more to continue evolving it using specific methods and ways of thinking about your audience with clear examples. Everyone benefits from accessible content so makes sure yours is too! 

We’ve got plenty more webinars booked in for the coming weeks, so do check out our events calendar to join us live and put your own questions to the speakers.  

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