CMA Research is a service designed to encourage more bespoke research into proving the effectiveness of content marketing and monitoring the trends within the industry.

Industry Research Reports
This contains specific industry research pieces, looking at areas such as currency data or individual insight studies. We've included slides covering ABC and NRS data, as well as bespoke research conducted by organisations such as the DMA, Royal Mail and Mintel.

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CMA Research Reports
This section includes vital research from the CMA Mintel industry report and Advantage studies, as well as the CMA Digital Audit 2008 and CMA white papers, including free downloadable executive summaries.

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CMA Research Presentations
CMA produces presentations for its members on current research topics such as apps, social media, branded communication and coupon usage. Click through for the full list.

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IAB UK - Bitesize Content and Native Disclosure Guidelines
The basic principles for advertisers to successfully engage with people haven’t really changed since the first days of print advertorials. 

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Exclusive Members Content
Advantage Planning Tool
The CMA Advantage Planning Tool enables CMA members to configure data from over 24,000 interviews collected from 2006 to 2010 as part of the ongoing CMA Advantage study. The study covers a wide range of issues relating to readership, engagement and the overall impact of a magazine upon a brand. These measures can be cut in a number of ways including by demographic and category.

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Demographic Presentations
These research presentations on a wide range of demographics demonstrate the effectiveness of reaching a specific audience, for example, 16-34 Adults, Women 35+ or ABC1 Adults. We've taken data from a number of sources such as the CMA Advantage Study and ABC, TGI and NRS reports. The presentations are ideal for use on client pitch work.

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Sector Presentations
All sectors, such as automotive, B2B and retail, are using content marketing to connect more effectively with their consumers. The presentations show relevant research that demonstrates how brands have successfully utilised content to reach their target audience sector.

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