Award Winning

Best Automotive 2020: The Megaproject Listing – OTW for Volvo CE

Agency: OTW
Client: Volvo CE
Award: Best Automotive 2020


If you are one of the world’s leading construction equipment companies, with a vision of building the future, how do you tell everyone? Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) created The Megaproject Listing editorial format to reach both new and old customers and to be top-of-mind when it comes to building tomorrow’s projects.

Volvo CE also needed to build long-term brand preference. We focused on increasing the reach of the content to a large general audience and then targeting specific content to two defined groups – decision-makers with purchasing power in the construction and civil engineering industry, and machine operators. 

The most important internal measurement is the comparison of each new megaproject with previous ones. By continuously measuring and subsequently optimizing messages and content, each campaign has beaten the previous one in scope and performance in the most tactically important markets. Our teams developed new formats and the original goal was gradually transformed into a two-part objective: reach and effect on the two priority target groups. An interim goal was also set to gain international representation in the projects.


The megaproject concept moved Volvo CEs communication from machine-centric to human-centric by creating a corporate narrative that shows how Volvo CEs products are already today building a better tomorrow. A multi-channel approach consisting of a digital content hub paid and organic content on YouTube, Facebook Network, and LinkedIn, as well as a print magazine. Each megaproject is published in its entirety (mobile, text and image) on the hub and then distributed to target groups via social channels and custom formats. The content is then collected in the printed magazine twice a year. 

Each channel has its own function. Volvo CE website for all content boosts, while other channels also drive traffic to the site. The print magazine collects the content and reaches the core audience. 


Today, even though the redesigned magazine reaches 81,250 readers per issue, it is now the tail end of a digital content strategy where 36 million people are reached annually via social channels, and where 540,000 unique visitors consume the material at Volvo CE has gone from micro to macro and has taken a leading position in the industry with its communication.

The biggest result is not that the budget for four magazines now suffices for a whole multi-channel concept. The formats have made a huge impression and even changed how Volvo CEs competitors work. In megaprojects, such as the construction of Egypt’s New Capital, or The New Silk Road, numerous brands contribute. When Volvo CE boldly took the lead in communicating the biggest projects, its German and American competitors followed suit with more or less successful spin-offs. 

At the same time, Volvo CE has seen a strong brand boost in industry measurements. Since the start, the program has contributed to reposition the brand within the prioritized segments innovative (16% increase) and leading industry experts (17% increase), according to Volvo CEs Global Brand Tracking Report. Additionally, the reported figures suggest that there is a great deal of pride in the project internally as well. The printed magazine Spirit and The Megaproject Listing may not play the leading role here, but the investment has been the clearest communicative guiding principle in that the company – true to its vision – really builds the future.

The Megaproject Listing won gold in “Best Automotive” in the Content Marketing Awards in London 2020, and gold in the category “Best Transport” in the Swedish Content Awards 2020. It was also a finalist in the Content Awards in Cleveland 2020, in the category “Integrated Content Marketing Program.” In 2018, it won gold in “Transportation Publication” in CMA US and was awarded silver in “Automation” in the Swedish Content Awards.  

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