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Best Automotive 2019: Spoon with Volvo Penta – Mighty Jobs series

Client: Volvo Penta
Award: Best Automotive

Do you associate a big green industrial engine with warmth, engagement, entertainment and emotions? Not really! However, after a glance at the Mighty Jobs campaign, maybe you’ll have a change of heart?


Swedish engine manufacturer Volvo Penta has been around for over a century and has a long, established heritage of quality and innovation in the boating industry. Well, that’s great, or is it?

For the boating side of the business, yes, however their equally important and major industrial engine range needed a boost to even out the attention. So, how do you take a well-established brand and re-focus a part of its brand awareness? Answering that question became Spoon’s job. 

As well as the re-focus, Volvo Penta wanted a new kind of content that its customers had never seen before. It should not be “just another product showcase” about horse power and Newton metres. 


To solve Volvo Penta’s challenge, we asked ourselves: What makes our world go round? People. So why not celebrate them?

People who perform jobs that are oh-so important but often forgotten. With people as our core, we created an online video series called “Mighty Jobs”. Celebrating people, we managed to put some well-deserved attention on not only their jobs but also on the machines powered by Volvo Penta engines performing those oh-so important jobs all over our world. 

A key factor to the success of Mighty Jobs is its host, Lacey Rose, a Canadian forestry worker who is passionate about sustainability. She has an amazing ability to connect with the workers we meet and makes a great ambassador for the Volvo Penta brand. 

The individual episodes were also accompanied by a wide range of additional content, such as articles, photo posts and several shorter videos, to maximize the return on investment on the content. 

Finally, the success of this campaign would not have been possible without the close collaboration between us and our client. It’s been an experimental journey with mutual goals, where we wanted to break the norm in industrial marketing, have fun and above all produce great content that people want to see. 

The results

By combining small, pinpointed target audiences with broader interest groups, Spoon has achieved a strong combination of high reach and engagement on the content for Mighty Jobs.

Across all platforms, the main video content has racked up over 47 million views. A further testament to the success of the films are the 670,000 reactions, comments and shares on the Facebook posts for the videos. During the campaign period, Volvo Penta has also increased the visitors to its industrial off-road website by 98 percent.

To sum up, Mighty Jobs is nothing short of a Facebook blockbuster. 

Want to find out more about Spoon? Check out their member page.

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