The Ugly Truth About Success

By Fe Husaint, Green Park Content on
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Many of us dream of being successful, but not many are ready to face the challenges that pave the road to it. Everyone seems to be ever prepared to reap the benefits but, sadly, are unwilling or ready for the work that comes with achieving success. 

I don’t think many realise just how complicated this “success” can be. When you have made up your mind to be the best, you need to be willing to sacrifice so many things–it’s a choice you have to make every single time. 

You have to be prepared for sleepless nights, frustration and pain. Because that’s what it takes to be the best. You don’t become the leader in anything without sacrifice. And in case I didn’t mention it enough – you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. 

I am the type of person who believes in doing everything to the best of my abilities every time. And I admit, it can be exhausting. Of course, I get tired, but I chose this path, along with all the challenges that come with it. Also because I recognise that this is how a star is born. And I am keeping my eye on the prize even as I encounter roadblocks along the way. 

Others choose to do fantastic work but do not dedicate themselves to it as intensely. They choose to have a more balanced life, and I have nothing but respect for them. We all must determine the level of commitment we are willing to put in. And for me, that is a fierce kind of commitment. 

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to reach that ambitious, arduous and audacious dream, I am here to help you prepare for the road ahead. Let me share some advice on navigating your way to the top. 

Getting started

One of the first things you have to do in the beginning is to decide where you’re going and why. What’s your goal? Why are you doing this? How far are you willing to go? You need clear answers to these questions before you get on that road. 

Once you have a goal in mind, lock eyes on that prize. The many challenges thrown at you will cause you to question why you’re in this fight, and having that clear target will be your anchor to keep going. 

Once you have that reason, light that fire within and keep it burning. That will be your fuel when things get tough. When you fall, it’s the strength you’ll have to lean on.

When you are on your way

As you move along the path, knocking out challenges and scoring wins, be prepared for stones thrown your way. “Haters are gonna hate, hate, hate” rings so true when you’re on your way to the top. Not everyone will appreciate your accomplishments or even bother to understand the effort it took you to get there. 

Again, this is where your internal why comes in. Anchoring your dream onto other people’s goals makes for an unstable foundation and can easily cause you to falter. Knowing your purpose gives you a more stable footing and helps clear your path.

Be ready for your critics. Do not expect people always to be happy about your success; some will be jealous and may even want to bring you down. For this, you need to build armour around yourself because the attack may come from people you think to have your back.

That being said, you should also pay attention to the criticism you are getting. Sift through the noise and listen to helpful comments that can help you improve. Just be clear that you get to decide what you will allow to affect you. Nobody should convince you that you cannot do what you are meant to do. You decide. 

When you get to the top

If you’re still going after all the hardships you’ve gone through, you’re probably at the top already; welcome and congratulations! 

But don’t take a seat and relax just yet. You may feel on top of the world when you get to this point. However, that also means you have farther to fall. And there will be plenty out there who are waiting to see you fail. 

You now have a name to live up to, and it’s not going to be enough for everybody. Remember that even top achievers like Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs have their share of critics. You cannot please everybody, and you shouldn’t try to. The reputation you’ve built so far can crumble when you allow others’ words to get to you. 

What’s the best way to handle it?

You know what is best for you. You may listen to their advice or learn from their mistakes, but nobody is allowed to push you out of your path.The criticism you will get will definitely hurt; prepare yourself for that.No matter how tough your armour, there will be some arrows that will get through. 

This hate is a sign of weakness, envy, and fear, and a sign that you’re doing something right. Get ready to take the hit, and just keep going. 

These are just some of the challenges I encounter and am experiencing as I keep going about achieving more in my career. I decided to share these tips today because I realised that many give up along the way as they’re unprepared for what lies ahead.

I want more of us to get to the top. I want more of us to reach those goals. I want more of us to stand up against the hate we’re encountering, and show them that heart and hard work are what gets the job done.

I look forward to seeing you at the peak and hope we can take on the next summit together! 

Written by Fe Husaint, Green Park Content

A Women Leading Change of the Year Finalist and one of Campaign Asia’s Women to Watch in 2021, Fe Husaint’s rise to the agency a-list has been meteoric. 

Fe, the Creative and Global Brand Head at an award-winning and performance-driven content leader Green Park Content, grew the creative production team from one Art Director to the 50-person strong team it is today, working with top international brands like Unilever, Kodak, Ricola, and Relx. 

Prior to joining Green Park Content in 2018, Fe worked with giants such as Ogilvy where she setup and lead an integrated marketing division. With her extensive experience building global brands, Fe offers a clear view on how to tackle brand and content marketing obstacles to make messaging locally relevant.

Fe Husaint, Author

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