The CMA Podcast

Welcome to a Coffee with the CMA, our brand new podcast with our Managing Director, Rob John as the barista and host. He’ll be speaking with content marketing experts from across the world from some of the worlds largest publishers, agencies and brands, who we are lucky enough to call members.

This podcast is designed to give you a window into their world whilst offering a look at the wider content industry and have some fun along the way! Grab yourself a drink and listen as we chat to some of the brightest people in our industry.

Member Podcasts

Podcasting is a great way of reaching your target audience to connect on a personal level and ensure your voice is heard. It offers an alternative way of sharing content and addressing important topics. So it’s no wonder why so many of our members create fantastic podcasts for their clients as part of their content marketing strategy.

Have a listen to the best branded podcasts from our members, covering a variety of topics for their own brand or for their clients’. Many of these podcasts were shortlisted in the 2020 International Content Marketing Awards, so we hope you might be inspired by their great work!

Life’s Booming – Medium Rare
The Creative CEO – Medium Rare
Zebra Talk – CPL
Staying Grounded – Medium Rare
St James’s Place – John Brown
Glutenpodden – Make Your Mark
FCSI’s Dynamic Design – Progressive Content
Fuelling Around, Adrian Flux – To The End
Shutter Stories, Canon – Future Fusion
Pets at Home, Puppy Podcast – John Brown

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast for your business, have a read of our podcasting for businesses guide. We cover everything from deciding if it’s worth it for your business, finding your topic, hosting software, promotion, and how to measure its success.