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Being a CMA member allows you to keep up with current content marketing trends, help to set the global agenda, and be part of an international network of enthusiasts. There’s a membership opportunity to suit everyone, whether you’re a freelancer, brand, start-up or agency.

We’re incredibly proud to showcase our ever growing content marketing community, with members from across the world, and from a number of content marketing disciplines. Here are some of the benefits of our freelance, startup, international, and brand membership. If you’re looking for more information on CMA agency membership, then please get in touch here.

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We have a large number of agencies as CMA members, both big and small. The CMA offers so many incredible benefits, whether you’re a team of five, or have offices across the UK and beyond. From supporting new business opportunities to helping with the continued education of your colleagues, the CMA is a content community that’s getting bigger every day. Get in touch to see how becoming a member of the CMA can help you.

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We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of members from the client-side. Whether you’ve been creating content for a long time, or you’re new and looking for guides to best practice, the CMA will be able to help. We also offer a free match-making service should you have a need for content to be created. Our Brand Membership covers your whole organisation, and there are so many benefits to take advantage of.

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The number of freelance content creators joining the CMA has been steadily increasing since we introduced the Freelance Membership back in 2019. The CMA membership is a great way for content creators and strategists to put themselves in front of a community, whilst contributing to the wider discussion within the content industry. Get in touch to find out more about our Freelance Membership.

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Since introducing the International Membership back in 2018, it’s been so great to see so many content marketers join our events and contribute to the association. We’ve also seen continued growth in companies from outside the UK enter the annual International Content Marketing Awards. Although the CMA is based in London, UK, there are plenty of benefits that International Members can take advantage of.

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