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CMA Exclusive Digital Training Programme: Places are limited so Book Now!

The CMA are launching a fantastic new digital training programme, beginning in May. This programme will provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of effective digital content marketing.  Read more »

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16thApr 2015

REED Appoints PCP to service its response to Shared Parental Leave legislation

Since launching our official Brand Intermediary Service: CMA ADVANCE, we are pleased to now announce that Progressive Customer Publishing have been successfully awarded a new business opportunity from Reed Human Resources. Read more »

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15thApr 2015

Brands 'must respond' to Google change

Joseph Clift, Web Producer, WARC tells us that brands need to get the technical basics right, improve their content and adopt responsive design if they are to make the most of tomorrow's change to Google's algorithm, an SEO expert has said.  Read more »

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20thApr 2015

Some quick learnings from The CMA's SEO Digital Breakfast

For nigh on a decade publishers have struggled with the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For a while it seemed that stuffing content full of key words and links would secure higher levels of search traffic than crafted and engaging words and images. Read more »

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16thApr 2015

Outside Inside:The Content Marketing Association tells us why content needs its own marriage bureau

Carat have published Dominic Mills, blog post "Why content needs its own marriage bureau".  Read more »

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16thApr 2015

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