2016 Winners

The International Content Marketing Awards have become the single most competitive awards in the world with more entries per category from more agencies battling to win across 24 prestigious categories.

“Yet again a huge diversity of winning agencies from across four continents. Our CMA awards represent the very best worldwide in content marketing by agencies for brands. As content marketing continues to grow in independence, it is even more important to recognise best in class work, highlighting gold level global campaigns.

Ex MD, Clare Hill, CMA

This year we have had over 450 entries from 104 different agencies, and 21 countries, making them the most competitive content marketing awards in the world.

The event provides the industry with a stunning showcase of talent, expertise, inspiration and insight for brand marketers the world over.

Grand Prix

BA Portfolio, British Airways, Cedar


In what’s been a fantastic year for the content teams for British Airways at Cedar, they can now add Grand Prix to their collection. All elements of the BA Portfolio, which includes three inflight magazines – High Life, Business Life and First – the ba.com website, digital magazine The Club, plus a number of social media platforms, have had a great year, building BA’s content audience as well as delivering record direct revenue for the brand.

“Cedar has put in place owned channels that they are fully committed to, pulling together all the components to provide longevity and total brand consistency,” said the four judges. “Most impressively, they are behaving like a broadcaster, with a lot more success than many media companies.”

Best Annual Content Strategy


The Economist Content Engagement Strategy, The Economist



TU at Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s, Seven



How digital brand journalism has transformed the Pilsner Urquell brand, Pilsner Urquell, Good Relations


The Economist international business and finance magazine brand has spent the last 12 months overhauling its content strategy, expanding its operations to cover a variety of new areas, driving subscriptions and developing new innovations. Running across social, email, web, app and print, their tailored organic and paid content engagement programmes aimed to reach as many people as possible before the audience was retargeted with related adverts.

The strategy has clearly been a success, with a total reach of 61 million users, almost one million likes, comments and shares on content promoted through social media, and a 100% increase in subscription rates during campaign-live activity periods.

“The winner demonstrated impressive execution on all platforms,” said the judges, “as well as high levels of innovation with elements such as live content.”

Meanwhile, the Silver award was taken by Seven’s work for Sainsbury’s and their TU brand, with the judges saying the entry “helped reposition the brand, lift it above the competition and put it firmly in the mind of the fashion consumer”. Bronze was awarded to Good Relations for their digital work with Pilsner Urquell, with the judges praising the entry for its “strong authenticity and sales impact”.

Best Automotive


Lexus Slide, Lexus, AllTogetherNow/CHI



ForTheRide.com, Triumph Motorcycles, Made By Sonder



#DoItForUs, Nissan Motors (GB) Ltd, Red Bee Media

Lexus, the luxury global car brand, wanted to change the perception that it was better known for its engineering credentials than its imagination or creativity, so briefed their content agency AllTogetherNow to demonstrate a side of the brand that hadn’t been seen before. More specifically, they were challenged with creating an emotional connection with a younger demographic by stimulating buzz amongst the global sharing community.

And so, with next to no media budget, the agency developed a fully-functioning Hoverboard, then filmed it being put through its paces on a specially designed Hoverpark and released the films online. The films sparked debate in 48 languages, across six continents and 63 countries, becoming Lexus’s most viewed digital content of all time, with a total of over 204,000 social posts, 40 million cross-platform video views, over 30,000 pieces of media coverage and a PR value of $64m.

The hugely successful films caught the eye of the judges thanks to their “high level of innovation”, concluding that “this was true excellence in automotive marketing.”

Meanwhile, Made By Sonder’s online work with Triumph Motorcycles was praised for its “impressive branding and use of UGC”, and Red Bee Media’s social campaign for Nissan Motors was deemed “very strong content that shows a refreshing level of self-awareness.”

Best B2B


Headstart, Danske Bank Business, Mediacom Beyond Advertising Denmark



Ready Business Britain, Vodafone, MEC Wavemaker



CoreHR and the synergy between content and inbound, CoreHR, 256 Media


Denmark’s Danske Bank wanted to attract more business customers, but faced the challenge of getting past the secretarial gatekeepers and reaching their target audience: the CEOs and CFOs of the top Swedish and Norwegian businesses. So Mediacom Beyond Advertising Denmark devised a strategy that got personal – creating bespoke content for each contact using the key business media of personalised print, video content and an online newsfeed.

In total, over 1,900 different pieces of personalised content were created, with each package containing a personalised version of the daily financial newspaper, followed a week later by a customised video book featuring the CEO of Danske Bank addressing each prospect by name. Finally, the agency created personalised online newsfeeds that included a stream of regularly updated articles relevant for their business.

After 10 weeks, 40% of the target audience had booked meetings with Danske Bank, with ten becoming clients, while there was a 100% increase in the number of meetings the bank had secured with high-net-worth prospects. “This is simply a great idea that ticks every box,” said the judges. “The results speak for themselves.”

In this highly contested category, Silver was awarded to MEC’s Ready Business Britain campaign for Vodafone, which the judges said was “impressive in its huge scale and ability to flex the core messaging across very diverse segments”, while Bronze was awarded to 256 Media’s work with Core HR for its “very clinical approach to making a classic content marketing programme”.

Best Content on Owned Media Channels


BA Portfolio, British Airways, Cedar



Pick n Pay BRAAI: Light Your Fire, Pick n Pay, John Brown Media South Africa



Tesco Christmas – Impress Without the Stress, Tesco, Cedar


In what’s turning out to be a great year for Cedar and their portfolio of content for British Airways, they have now added the Best Content on Owned Media Channels award to their haul. It follows a year in which BA consolidated their owned channels and brought them all under the Cedar roof, adding social media, video and ba.com digital content to their print publications.

The aims for the year were ambitious: build BA’s content audience by a million people, increase engagement across all channels, use content to create more brand advocates, and deliver direct revenue. On all four counts, Cedar delivered. As well as increasing the reach of BA’s owned media by an average of 10% (an increase of almost 1.5 million people), engagement with their print titles and online content has also risen. “What a fantastic entry,” enthused the judges. “The scale of what they do is extraordinary, with very high sales attribution.”

The judges were also impressed with John Brown Media South Africa’s work with Pick n Pay, which they called “a great approach that resulted in very high levels of engagement” and the Tesco Christmas campaign by Cedar, which was praised for its “well thought-out content that’s produced very good results”.

Designer of the Year


Henry Elphick, British Airways, Cedar



Jamie Marsden, Volvo, Redwood



Kerry Wakefield, Waitrose, John Brown Media


As the designer of British Airways’ First magazine, Henry Elphick has to make the title appealing to a discerning and influential audience, offering a unique reading experience they wouldn’t find elsewhere. This audience expect quality and believe that craftsmanship and provenance are crucial when it comes to luxury.

Henry’s solution is to make the title feel personally crafted, something that’s made with high attention to detail, strong artistic credentials and a personal spirit. With covers showing unique pieces of art by British artists specifically commissioned by Henry, he oversees every design aspect not only of the magazine but also its accompanying app.

Henry captivated the judges with his ability to “produce unique and memorable design while sticking to the core values of the brand.”

Meanwhile, the Silver was awarded to the senior art director on the Volvo account at Redwood, Jamie Marsden, who gave the content “an evocative design and strategically unique angle”, while Kerry Wakefield of John Brown Media was applauded for her work on the relaunched Waitrose Food, which the judges praised for being “meticulously planned and flawlessly executed”.

Best Distribution Strategy


Lenovo Think Progress, Lenovo, King Content



Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes, Volvo Trucks, Spoon



Women in STEM, multiple clients, Mediaplanet


As the world’s number one PC vendor, Lenovo wanted to target a time-poor audience of IT decision makers across EMEA, refined for each of Lenovo’s key European, Middle Eastern and African markets. As well as increase the demand for Lenovo products, the IT brand wanted to drive deeper connections with its B2B prospects, and so their agency, King Content, developed an integrated content marketing strategy combining social media, native advertising and email marketing.

The solution was a series of custom-made B2B websites called Think Progress (10 across 16 markets), which acted as the central owned channel for hosting content to achieve demand and lead generation. These were supported by a network of paid and earned channels, and platforms that the target audience engaged with on a daily basis, such as LinkedIn.

The strategy quickly built up an impressive range of stats: 450,000 page views, 300,000 users, 70% of sponsored updates on LinkedIn exceeding the social site’s benchmarks in terms of click-through and engagement, and an average B2B lead value increasing by 63%, all helping to enable Lenovo to exceed its sales target. “The winner combined a strategy relevant to each market with the perfect environment for the audience,” said the judges.

Gaining Silver was the Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes campaign, which the judges called “a tough brief that resulted in content that managed to make gearboxes interesting”, while Bronze was bagged by the Women in STEM campaign by Mediaplanet, a “really well communicated strategy that was truly inspiring for the audience”.

Editor of the Year


William Sitwell, Waitrose, John Brown Media



Oliver Parsons, Modus, Sunday



Helen Johnston, Tesco, Cedar


2015 has been a year of change for Waitrose Food magazine. For a start it’s called Waitrose Food rather than Waitrose Kitchen. Then there’s the redesign of key sections, a new seasonal recipe section, brilliant food photography, as well as a more emotive tone and warmer feeling.

Driving all this change is editor William Sitwell, whose passion for food and deep knowledge of the Waitrose brand has ensured that the magazine has remained a firm favourite with its 700,000 readers. This year has also seen the launch of the Waitrose Food app which has now been downloaded over 215,000 times. There’s also been 12.7 million content views as users revisit back issues, search and save their favourite recipes, and access bonus material.

The Waitrose client is understandably thrilled with William’s steering of the title, as are the judges, who said: “Waitrose Food is packed to the gills with great information and put together by an editor who clearly knows his stuff. This is one of the country’s best examples of content marketing driven by one of its finest editors.”

The Silver award was taken by Oliver Parsons, editor of Modus, produced for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors by Sunday, who “gets inside the issues that affect RICS members and gives his publication a level of end user interest”.

Meanwhile, Bronze was awarded to Helen Johnston, Content Director for Tesco, who “has embraced a multi-channel approach and is really delivering Tesco’s brief of targeted, relevant content”.



Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop, Skittles, Mediacom Beyond Advertising Canada, BBDO Toronto & Harbinger



Gillette Precision Play, Gillette – P&G, C-the branded CONTENT agency



#Wimblewatch, evian, MEC Wavemaker


Skittles wanted to increase awareness during the Christmas season and so needed an idea that would not only compete against traditional holiday candy, but one that would cut through the clutter of all Christmas advertising. So, armed with the insight that nearly 75% of Canadians had been disappointed by a bad holiday gift, Mediacom Beyond Advertising Canada created the Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop – a physical pop-up shop in downtown Toronto where customers could trade in those poor presents for something they could enjoy: Skittles.

With local advertising driving people into the store plus a national social campaign and microsite giving users the chance to receive a coupon, the Holiday Pawn Shop was a roaring success. Running over five days, a total of 52,000 bags of Skittles were given away and the campaign earned a staggering 100 million free media impressions, including coverage from Canada’s top five broadcasters. The campaign was unanimously loved by all the judges, with its “high-risk strategy” made successful by “brilliant creativity and execution”.

Taking the Silver award was Gillette Precision Play, produced for Gillette – P&G by C – the branded CONTENT agency, which impressed the judges with its delivery of “bucketloads of scale and engagement”, while Bronze was taken by #Wimblewatch for evian by MEC Wavemaker, and praised for its “great talent, innovative executions and topicality.”

Best Finance


Premier Personalisation film, Barclays, ITN Productions



Making Money Extra Easy, Halifax, adam&eveDDB



Using Content Marketing to Revolutionise EBS, EBS, 256 Media


Since Barclays Premier customers are among the most affluent and digitally savvy, the finance brand issued their content agency with the challenge of developing an on-boarding experience to drive awareness of its exclusive products and services. But Barclays’ insight showed that generic on-boarding communications can feel cold, complex and impersonal, so ITN Productions created a personalised film for each customer, delivered directly to their inbox in a fully personalised email.

Each video was personally tailored to each customer using data-driven dynamic content, seamlessly integrating customer-level data into the scenes of the live action film to make for a different and more engaging personal experience.

“This solution produced amazing uplift in premier accounts driven by consumer insight,” said the judges, unanimous in their decision to award the campaign Gold. “It’s very in line with Barclays positioning and the elements of personalisation were delivered beautifully.”

Meanwhile, Silver was taken by adam&eveDDB with their Making Money Extra Easy work for Halifax, with judges calling it “really great work that makes finance and banking easy to understand”, and Bronze was claimed by 256 Media’s work for EBS ­– “a strong example of how focused customer segmentation and understanding combined with fresh creative content can end up driving brand sympathy.”

Best Internal


Public Employees Reading Mean Tweets, YS State Sector, Geelmuyden Kiese



Beyond Zero, Associated British Ports, Remarkable Content



The Roger Collective, Virgin, John Brown Media


YS State Sector is a part of The Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS), a politically independent umbrella organisation for public workers in Norway. But while they do vital work, public sector employees are often undervalued, and so YS State Sector wanted to increase morale amongst its 25,000 members and combat ignorance in Norwegian society.

The answer came in the form of a short film that showed the reaction of public employees when they read mean tweets about themselves. Inspired by the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show in the US, the campaign also included several representatives of the government and even the Norwegian prime minister talking proudly about being a public employee.

The results were staggering: over 220,000 people engaged through social media, over one million viewed the film and more than 60 articles were published during the campaign period, making the campaign a resounding success. “The winner should feel incredibly proud,” said the judges. “It’s a great example of a brand driving a cultural conversation and challenging the status quo.”

Close behind in Silver position was Remarkable Content’s health and safety campaign for Associated British Ports, which the judges called “highly visual, bold and thought-provoking”, while The Roger Collective, produced for Virgin by John Brown Media, bagged Bronze for “expertly encouraging staff to come together in one place”.

Best Non-Retail Consumer


Luck Is No Coincidence, Unibet, Karmarama



Plymouth, Plymouth University, Immediate Media



&London, Strutt & Parker, Sunday


Online gambling site Unibet wanted to create a fresh, creative and disruptive campaign for the Euro 2016 football tournament, so turned to Karmarama to take an unusual angle on the traditional betting ad and make them the bookmaker that actually helped their customers win.

Using an approach that advised customers to consider different factors when deciding which team to bet on, the agency created a series of films. Fronted by recognisable ex-players, managers and gambling experts, these films dramatised the effect some less considered – but potentially decisive – factors have on football. Stats from the campaign were impressive: videos were viewed over 18m times, with total watch time at over 48 million minutes; global share of voice increased significantly, and the number of accounts opened during this period more than doubled.

“This was a genuinely disruptive campaign that challenged category norms,” raved the judges. “It showed brilliant insight all the way through.”

Other winners in this category were Immediate Media’s work for Plymouth University, which gained Silver for its “well thought-out content programme that led to great results” and &London magazine for Strutt & Parker by Sunday, which took Bronze for its “unique approach to sharing knowledge of quirky London”.

Best Membership


The Club, British Airways, Cedar



INTHEBLACK, CPA Australia, BauerWorks





In a challenging time for the airline industry, British Airways wanted to inspire the members of its Executive Club to travel more with the brand, and so tasked Cedar with creating a digital magazine. Two years later, the magazine was thriving, but the client brand wanted more: to drive its readers to act and generate revenue for BA.

The agency set about this task by honing their content strategy, forcing it to work harder while poring over the analytics to discover what was being read – and for how long. The results reflected the work put in: bookings increased significantly, competitions brought thousands to the ba.com site, and content was used in two of BA’s other communications.

“This was a very clear winner,” enthused the judges. “The content had a demonstrable effect on business results and it stood out in terms of creativity and effectiveness.”

Meanwhile, Australian accountancy magazine INTHEBLACK bagged Silver thanks to its ability to “turn arguably dry subject matter into highly creative, engaging content that delivered solid results” and Bronze was taken by IKEA FAMILY, for the “increase in footfall it drove for the client”.

Best Print


Broccoli & Brains, LighterLife, Made By Sonder



First, British Airways, Cedar



Influence, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Think Publishing


Designed to act as a catalyst for conversations and debate around the obesity crisis, Broccoli & Brains is a fantastically named content marketing strategy with a bi-annual, 132-page print magazine at its core, surrounded by digital content across Twitter and a blog.

The aim of the magazine was to spark interest in the target audience of key influencers, create conversation around obesity and encourage them to cascade that debate down to their own spheres of influence. Simultaneously, the magazine was placed in target locations, such as GP surgeries, gyms and corporate buildings, as well as relevant conferences and events.

Very quickly, the campaign was a success. Within two months, it achieved 1.5m tweet impressions, 21,073 unique blog users, and 20 pieces of press coverage with a PR value of over half a million pounds. “This was a very brave solution to a very important challenge,” said the judges, “making the subject fascinating for its broad target audience.”

Silver went to First magazine for British Airways, which “hit the brief perfectly for the brand and target audience”, while Bronze went to Influence magazine, produced for The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, praised for its “surprising style and fascinating content”.

Best Real-Time Activation


The #BlackFriday Social War Room, Argos, AllTogetherNow



Capital Summertime Ball, Global Radio, Trigger Buzz



Gillette Precision Play, Gillette/P&G, C–the branded CONTENT agency


Black Friday has quickly become one of the most important days of the year for retail brands and they are increasingly using social media to both activate and monitor their campaigns. For Black Friday 2015, Argos turned to AllTogetherNow to directly drive sales, beat competitors and move at real-time speed to take advantage of the event and its opportunities.

Their answer was The #BlackFriday Social War Room, a multi-disciplinary, fast-moving way of maximising content production, deal amplification and reach in a short period of time. Led by AllTogetherNow, teams from ATN, Mindshare, CHI and Argos worked in shifts around the clock to run an always-on newsroom-style production facility containing everyone necessary to analyse, concept, copy, design, check, approve and book all social content in real time.

The results helped to establish Argos as an innovation leader in UK ecommerce and drove a record number of directly attributable sales, with Argos gaining the lead social share of voice in competitor set.

“This is a great example of what can happen when content meets commerce in real-time,” said the clearly impressed judges, “with excellence in collaboration and best practice demonstrating that strong results always require teamwork.”

More impressive examples of real-time activation came in the form of Trigger Buzz’s Capital Summertime Ball campaign, which the judges called “a great demonstration of how applied creativity can deliver experiential content excellence”, and Gillette Precision Play by C–the branded CONTENT agency, which was called a “smart concept, showing a very relevant and meaningful central theme wrapped within a highly engaged user domain.”

Best Retail Consumer


Domino’s – Powered People Greatness, Domino’s Pizza Group UK, Arena Media UK



Waitrose Food, Waitrose, John Brown Media



Fresh Living, Pick n Pay, John Brown Media South Africa


The category of Best Retail Consumer is always heavily contested and this year the winner was a solution that went beyond traditional advertising to integrate the Domino’s pizza brand into Euro 2016, Snapchat and the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

This series of influencer-led activities strengthened the brand by extending and amplifying campaign ideas using personal experiences, fuelling social media activities, and opening up new occasions for Domino’s to be a part of.

Across all elements, the campaign was highly effective: in 12 months, Domino’s content on Hollyoaks social channels accumulated 69,000 likes, 14,000 shares, 21,000 comments and 2.1m video views, while their Snapchat Lens was used over one million times and viewed over 10m times for an average of almost 20 seconds. This has contributed to Domino’s ranking top of all UK pizza brands for quality, service, great taste and overall experience.

“This entry really stood out,” said the judges. “It genuinely impacted purchase intent through authentic, funny and platform-tailored content that tapped into cultural moments.”

Meanwhile, Waitrose Food magazine was awarded Silver thanks to its “beautiful, highly-rated content” and Fresh Living magazine took Bronze as it “delivered a rich array of content and a notable uplift in spend”.

Best Specialist


End The Awkward, Scope, MediaCom Beyond Advertising



TV Licensing Joke Camp, TV Licensing, Red Bee Media



WeLiveSecurity, ESET, Mediablaze Group


Often, a campaign will grab the attention for doing something entirely unexpected. In the case of disability, employing comedy isn’t the usual route to engagement, but that’s precisely what Scope and their agency MediaCom Beyond Advertising did for their winning entry.

Knowing that two-thirds of British people said that they don’t know what to do when they meet someone disabled, the agency created End The Awkward, a video-based campaign that saw comedian Alex Brooker react to different scenarios as hidden cameras recorded the uncomfortable moments faced by disabled people. The content was exclusively available on Channel 4’s on-demand platform All4 for 30 days before becoming available on Scope’s social channel and website.

As well as being the first advertiser-funded series to run on All4, the campaign reached over 60% of 18-35 year olds, with view completion rates at over 90% on YouTube. More importantly, 84% of viewers thought differently about disability after seeing the videos.

“The campaign did a fantastic job of changing attitudes,” said the judges, “putting the target audience at ease by talking directly about the challenge.”

Meanwhile, Red Bee Media’s work with TV Licensing took Silver thanks to “the large amount of time taken for the agency to understand the challenges” and the WeLiveSecurity campaign for ESET won Bronze for the “huge volume of content produced for the brand”.

Best Social


Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes, Volvo Trucks, Spoon



Rio 2016 GreatBrits: GameOn, DFS, The Moment & Blue Rubicon



Telekom Electronic Beats, Deutsche Telecom AG, C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH


Swedish content agency Spoon had their work cut out with their brief from Volvo: to create a campaign to promote the launch of an automated transmission gearbox in a Volvo truck. The campaign had to be highly relevant for the target group of drivers and owners of trucks, as well as entertaining and attention-grabbing, and it needed to gain a lot of media coverage and increase social engagement.

Their remarkable answer was a series of films focussing on an attempt by a Volvo truck to pull an astounding 300-metre container road train with a total weight of 750 tonnes.  The attempt was carried out in Gothenburg harbour and was hosted by Swedish Strongman Champion Of The World Magnus Samuelsson and renowned truck journalist Brian Weatherley.

Reaction to the film was just as extraordinary as the feat itself: 456 headlines published worldwide and almost 1.4m views on YouTube and 3.5m on Facebook in the first week of release, gaining 52m new followers on Volvo Trucks’ Facebook page and 11,500 new followers on their Instagram account.

“Wow!” said the judges. “This took a potentially dry subject and made it into a superbly rich and engaging event. A fantastic response on social media too.”

Taking Silver was The Moment & Blue Rubicon’s Rio 2016 work with DFS, which impressed the judges with its “gutsy sponsorship that managed to cut through the Olympic clutter.” Bronze was claimed by Germany’s C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH for their work with Deutsche Telecom AG, which was applauded for “a really strong campaign that clearly builds on great insight and strong community relationships.”

Best Travel


BA Portfolio, British Airways, Cedar



Nattvasan, Vasaloppet, Spoon



Find Your Scene with Thomson & ASOS, TUI: Thomson SCENE, Mediacom Beyond Advertising


BA’s owned media portfolio has always been formidable: three inflight magazines in High Life, Business Life and First Life, the ba.com website, a digital magazine – The Club – and a number of social media accounts. But rather than producing just their print publications, this year, Cedar were asked to also take on the brand’s social media, video and ba.com content – more content than any other airline or travel brand in the business.

The agency began the task by mapping the full BA customer journey, identifying where content could make a difference to conversion. They then plotted BA destination priorities and customer needs, creating a calendar to plan content across the journey in all their channels. The content was then released across over 10 different touchpoints, from email and ba.com to social channels, producing integrated coverage that reaches a huge audience and drives engagement through a seamless audience journey.

“This is a genuinely insight-led, audience-focused, full-funnel content marketing strategy that smashed its objectives,” the judges said.

Gaining the Silver award was Swedish content agency Spoon, whose work for the legendary ski race Vasaloppet was praised for its “high production values and fully integrated social campaign”, while Mediacom Beyond Advertising took the Bronze with their campaign for Thomson Scene – “Excellent results!” said the judges.

Best Use of Data & Insight


The O2 Featured, The O2, StoryScience



Lexus Hoverboard, Lexus, AllTogetherNow



Making Money Extra Easy, Halifax, adam&eveDDB


The O2 wanted to move away from the perception of being “just a music venue” and develop a reputation for being a diverse entertainment destination. With previous content untargeted and focussing only on upcoming events, a more effective data and insight-led content strategy was required to help the brand compete in the highly saturated entertainment space.

So StoryScience created a content solution that firstly split the audience into three profiles then used these profiles to create ‘The O2 Featured’, a tailored digital publication that promoted data-driven audience interest articles alongside event-based content. Reaction to the publication, combined with ticket sales and social data, was then used to inform future content.

Using data and insight in such a way led to increases in brand awareness, brand engagement, and most importantly, ticket sales, with a 50% increase. “Top place goes to a great example of creativity and insight,” said the judges, “and a runaway winner in terms of use of data.”

Taking Silver was the Lexus Hoverboard campaign, which was praised for its “great idea executed really well”, while Making Money Extra Easy, produced for Halifax, was “a solid entry that gained impressive results” and was awarded Bronze.

Best Use of Monetised Content


Sainsbury’s Magazine, Sainsbury’s, Seven



Waitrose Food, Waitrose, John Brown Media



BA Media Portfolio, British Airways, Cedar


As the biggest paid-for food and lifestyle title in the UK, Sainsbury’s Magazine has been a resounding success for the brand, inspiring and entertaining its readers with its combination of triple-tested recipes and food photography, plus fashion, health, beauty and travel content. But it’s not just the magazine that drives revenue and awareness – the team also produce the spin-off titles BAKE and FRESH, as well as online content for sainsburysmagazine.co.uk.

The results are spectacular: subscription copies are at an all-time high at 14,849 (ABC 2016), advertising yields have grown by 9%, and the website has grown 20%, with 117,000 unique users and 1.1 million page views – stats the judges were hugely impressed by, saying, “The entry demonstrates an ability to create content that’s worth paying for at scale, alongside a great integrated approach to net platforms.”

A close second was Waitrose Food, the monthly publication produced for Waitrose by John Brown Media, which the judges said was “spot on from a brand synergy point of view, with real clarity of purpose and an elegant presentation”. Taking Bronze was the portfolio of content Cedar produced for British Airways, which was called “an impressive range of cleverly designed media opportunities based on a solid customer journey”.

Best Use of Innovation


Cashless on the Catwalk, Visa, The 10 Group



Super Animals app, Pick n Pay, John Brown Media



The O2 Featured, The O2, StoryScience


Armed with a brief to create an interface for fashion and innovation using video content to generate mainstream coverage surrounding the future of payment technology, The 10 Group looked towards London Fashion Week for inspiration. They wanted to tackle the challenge all fashion designers and retailers face: a ‘disconnect’ between the expense of putting on a catwalk show and the gap of several months before garments hit the shelves.

So British designer Henry Holland was recruited to bring together the two different industries of fashion and fintech. Holland was commissioned to design a ring to bring together advanced NFC and Bluetooth Smart technologies. The ring was loaded with £500 and gifted to select front-row audience members ahead of his show, who could tap on receiver tags attached to the clothing on the catwalk to purchase.

Very quickly the ring became a talking point, generating over 150 pieces of earned media and 250 million opportunities for people to view the proof of concept on broadcast, online and social platforms. Video content shot around the campaign was also distributed online, gaining over 100,000 views.

“This was the embodiment of innovation,” said the judges. “The technology involved is so advanced it feels almost invisible.” Elsewhere, John Brown Media’s Super Animals app for Pick n Pay was praised for its “fantastic use of technology”, while The O2 Featured campaign was applauded for its “unique big data approach”.

Best Use of Illustration


The World’s Biggest Amusement Park, The Norwegian Trekking Association, Geelmuyden Kiese



Impact Magazine, Market Research Society, CPL



Zalando Festival Land, Zalando, Big Group


The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway’s largest outdoor activities organisation, working to promote trekking and improve conditions for all who enjoy Norway’s broad range of outdoor attractions. This year they introduced family memberships and so wanted to showcase this new offer and change the perception that the organisation primarily existed for those without children.

The solution was The World’s Biggest Amusement Park, a combination of digital and video content that gave parents the chance to see nature as kids see it: a magical place with endless possibilities and activities to enjoy. Using illustration as the central pillar of the campaign, the videos, social posts and print publications led people to the website, which kept the fun going.

To show how families used the Norwegian outdoors, the campaign encouraged them to share their adventures on Instagram, providing over 14,000 images. Meanwhile, the films were viewed over 380,000 times and the website gained over 10,000 unique users.

“This is a brilliant idea excellently executed,” said the judges. “A wonderfully engaging and authentic way to bring a campaign to life.” Taking Silver was Impact Magazine, produced for the Market Research Society by CPL, which was praised for its “excellent connection between the piece and the illustration”, while Big Group’s Zalando Festival Land was called a “really clear and impactful campaign, with some beautiful illustrations at its heart”.

Best Use of Photography


Waitrose Food, Waitrose, John Brown Media



Coop Mega, Coop, Redink



Holland Herald, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, G+J Custom Content


Waitrose Food has long been a staple of these awards and this year is no different. But while it’s often the fine editorial and mouth-watering recipes that get the judges’ nod, the images are now in the spotlight as it takes Gold in the Best Use of Photography category.

Whether it’s the simplicity of a bowl of roast potatoes or the relaxing image of mint and ice cream, the photographers and designers know how to draw the reader into the magazine while keeping close to the core values of Waitrose. This year, the title’s images have been seen by more people than ever before, with the relaunched app gaining the number one spot in the iPhone and iPad Cooking, Food and Drink newsstand charts and annual downloads reaching 215,500.

“The photography in Waitrose Food is absolutely eye-catching and is an obvious inspiration for the readers,” said the judges. “It stands out from all other entrants in terms of quality.”

Continuing the food theme, Silver was awarded to Redink and their work with Coop, which was “well planned and well executed”, while Holland Herald, the inflight magazine of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, was praised for its ability to “take seemingly unrelated topics and integrate them into a well stylised piece”.

Best Video


Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes, Volvo, Spoon



IKEA TV Series, IKEA, OTW & Åkestam Holst



Luck Is No Coincidence, Unibet, Karmarama


A second Gold award for Spoon’s series of videos for Volvo Trucks, which promoted the launch of a new gearbox. Since the gearbox featured ‘crawler gears’ that provide exceptional startability for lorries carrying heavy loads in demanding situations, the team at Spoon created a truly demanding task for the truck: pull a 300 metres container road train with a combined weight of 750 tonnes.

This attempt was carried out in Gothenburg, and to add even more weight to the campaign, the truck was driven by Swedish Strongman Champion Of The World Magnus Samuelsson accompanied by renowned truck journalist Brian Weatherley.

In total, Spoon planned and produced two press releases, 11 films, five animations, one infographic, seven video clips and around 30 images that were distributed via Volvo Trucks’ PR channels and social media platforms.

The results were stunning: 456 headlines published worldwide and almost 1.4m views on YouTube and 3.5m on Facebook in the first week of release, gaining 52m new followers on Volvo Trucks Facebook page and 11,500 new followers on their Instagram account – all stats that impressed the judges. “This is a spectacular statement from the client brand,” they said, “which delivered equally spectacular audience numbers.”

In what was a hotly contested category, Silver was taken by OTW & Åkestam Holst’s IKEA TV Series, which impressed the judges with its “remarkable audience numbers akin to TV”, while Bronze was awarded to Karmarama for their Luck Is No Coincidence campaign for Unibet, called “a perfect mix of relevance, talent, entertainment and education that really stays with the viewer”.