About The CMA

The Content Marketing Association (CMA) is the industry body for content marketing. The overarching aim of the CMA is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool to client-side marketers and showcase the range of channels that can be used to engage customers, from digital – such as smart phone apps, tablet – enabled microsites, video and branded TV, to the more traditional customer magazines.

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We also use our experience and expertise to advise agencies, brands and Media Agencies wishing to enter the world of content marketing, an industry that’s now worth in excess of £5bn in the UK alone.

Through our research, education, events, training, advice and support, our aim is to realise the vast potential content marketing has for brands and encourage the creativity and effectiveness required to achieve that.

Since the organisation was formed in 1993 as the APA, the CMA has been at the front of the content marketing revolution, driving the industry forward as it has evolved to become the industry it is today.

Definition of content marketing

Content marketing is the discipline of creating quality branded content across all media channels and platforms to deliver engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.

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The key to the CMA’s success is informing and educating both clients and members about the latest thinking in all areas of content marketing, while showcasing the talents of its members as they plan and produce ever-more effective and innovative strategies and creative work. This work now takes in all conceivable marketing channels – print, online, digital, video, mobile, social media – to produce fully integrated solutions that consistently perform above and beyond their clients’ expectations.

Mission statement

Promoting the excellence of the content marketing industry and the value of member agencies and organisations specialising in developing effective engagements for brands.

As the future looks bright for the content marketing industry, so it does for the CMA. Our membership is constantly growing and diversifying, now being made up of Content agencies, Media agencies and Brands.

New initiatives are being conceived, planned and launched, with our existing Summit and Awards events gaining in popularity and exposure every year.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge amount of work being done in the area of research, with a number of studies into the industry being commissioned and worked upon – studies that will give its members vital advantages when securing new business and push the content marketing industry forward into a prosperous future.

The CMA have now released three exclusive industry reports on Content Marketing and Data IntelligenceThe Role of Social in Content Marketing and Video Engagement.  which you can download now.

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These will give you access to some of the latest findings, opinion, research and thought leadership on the highly topical and commercially pertinent area of Content Marketing.

For more information on the CMA and its work, contact MD Clare Hill on:

020 7492 1986 or clare.hill@the-cma.com

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