News   The only content awards you'll want to win There’s only one set of awards dedicated solely to content marketing: the CMA’s International Content Marketing Awards. For anyone who’s serious about proving their content marketing credentials, they’re the prizes to win, say judges and experts. And the deadline for entries is on 5th September. 19th Aug 2014+ Read More   Calm down dear, it's only a commercial Posted by: Rowan Manning, Seven Native advertising and why everyone just needs to take a deep breath Ads are horrid, aren’t they? They point out how fat and old you are, how crappy your car is, and they use stuffed animals to sell you pretty much everything. 21st Aug 2014+ Read More   What Apple's big announcement means for content marketing In a few weeks’ time now, the hot money is on September 9th, Apple will unveil its autumn product line up for 2014. Every time the company takes the wrapping off its new products the launch is preceded by huge amounts of speculation as to what those products are, and as the years have gone by the pundits, who are feasting on leaks from Chinese factories, have become more and more accurate. 21st Aug 2014+ Read More   ContentDesk - Five content-marketing gurus on twitter Twitter is awash with contributors sharing all you need to know about content-marketing. Some might even say there are too many… If you’re just setting up a Twitter account, or would like to have fewer, better tweeters to follow, try this list of five Twitter content-marketing gurus. 21st Aug 2014+ Read More View all news articles