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Many of you noticed that ‘Rising Star’ was no longer present on our category list for the upcoming awards.

This category has been extremely popular, and we had a number of members get in touch to see if we’d be bringing it back this year. The short answer is yes, although there has been a few changes.

Changes to the Rising Star category

Following feedback from previous winners and the wider CMA team, we decided to remove the ‘under 30’ element from the entry criteria. This award still rewards those up and coming in our industry, but recognised that placing a ceiling on this category meant restricting content superstars.

So, if you work within content marketing, whether agency or client-side. Be sure to check out the Rising Star category.

Entrants for this category may come from areas including (but not limited to) account management, editorial, design, planning/research, data and insight, content delivery, and campaign management.

Entrants to this category will demonstrate an outstanding contribution to content marketing, as well as their own progress, including learnings, skills and career development. 

Entrants are required to submit achievements in up to 500 words and include a testimonial of up to 150 words, possibly from a client, colleague, or manager/director.

There’s also another change to how the winner of this campaign is selected. This will be a public vote, with the winner being announced live at the virtual award ceremony. 

The entry process is exactly the same, but entries will be displayed on a landing page rather than sent to external judges. 

We’re incredibly excited about this new format and look forward to seeing the best our industry has to offer.

Please bear in mind that the final entry will be public, so you may wish to remove any financial or sensitive information.

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