Rob’s Write-Up: Part IV

In 2019, a question popped up again and again, “Your content marketing events sound great but I’m unable to attend, can I tune in and watch live, or a replay?”. The team and I began working on a plan that meant we could deliver this in a way that could both engage and educate our community.

Our aim was to have a CMA Learning platform live by June 2020, then Covid-19 hit the world, meaning we had to adapt and accelerate our plan. We’re now in June and already delivered over 100 webinars, with over 2,000 unique registrants. It’s been a superb effort, and I’d like to thank our amazing speakers who stepped forward, and also those that have joined in and engaged with us. Just like our usual CMA events, there’s been a great discussion, strong insights, as well as the usual friendly chat.

Rob John, CMA

We’re not done yet

With more webinars scheduled throughout June and into July, we’ll be continuing to run the CMA Learning platform, and will continuously add to the schedule. As always, if you have a suggestion for a topic, or would like to present a CMA Learning webinar, then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

CMA Learning Webinar: Week Four

My ‘Weekly Write-up’ will now be included in the CMA newsletter, with some key takeaways from each webinar, along with a link to replay each session if you missed it. We had three great webinars, Adam Millbank, founder of JonesMillbank, Tim Bax, Creative Director at ThreeWhiskey, and Stephanie McGrath, VP of Strategy at VERB Interactive. Covering topics around getting creative with data, and how strict briefs can often produce great results.

Top secret briefs and how red tape can increase creativity

Adam Millbank, Founder, JonesMillbank

Adam’s run a number of webinars for the CMA over the last two months and has great knowledge around storytelling and video production. We’ve had a number of speakers deliver talks on staying creative during the lockdown, and this gave Adam the idea to talk about how constraints can often make you more creative. 

Adam showed us two great examples of this, one of which was when JonesMillbank created a video for the Royal Mint’s James Bond collection. So many ideas, but also a lot of obstacles in the way regarding copyright. This forced Adam and the team to get creative on how they could showcase the range of products, whilst remaining on brand, and more importantly … not stepping on any toes. 

If you’d like to see more from Adam’s talk, follow the link below to view the replay.


Growing creative with data

Tim Bax, Creative Director, ThreeWhiskey

During this session, Tim looked back at the history of marketing, and gave some great insights and examples. One of the things that came out of this session was how the playing field is levelling for everyone. Of course, the large multinational companies still have the budget, but we’re now able to access data and insight like never before. Tim stated that Facebook apparently has over 52,000 data points which help shape their delivery.

Love it or hate it, the internet is collecting data from every single second of the day, and as a marketer in 2020, we’re able to use the like never before. Whether you’re a sole trader in Oxford or run a fish and chip shop in Brighton, you’ll be able to gather insight into your local market and potential audience like never before.

If you’d like to see more from Tim’s talk, follow the link below to view the replay.


Data Influenced Creativity in Content

Stephanie McGrath, VP of Strategy, VERB Interactive

Stephanie and her team have put a number of webinars together for the CMA, and this session focused around the data behind what we do. One of the things Stephanie stressed was that we need to get comfortable with data, so although you may have already settled on the fact you’re not a mathematical genius, understanding data will help you massively.

You’d be surprised how quickly you can pick these skills up. This may start from looking at YOY (Year-on-Year) figures on engagement or sales to working out how a particular piece of content has performed against similar posts.

Being able to understand data will really help your content creation. Stephanie gave examples of this, and how looking at trends can help with content creation and evaluating what works.

If you’d like to see more from Stephanie’s talk, follow the link below to view the replay.

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