MSQ launches Global Studios proposition to help brands create content at scale with greater speed and relevance

MSQ, the global next generation creative and technology group, has launched a new MSQ Global Studios proposition to help marketers connect the craft skills, insights and technology required to deliver a wide range of channel and culturally relevant content that gets their brands closer to customers.

MSQ Global Studios draws on the international group’s global creative, production and tech expertise, connecting its best-in-class insight, data, media and CX teams, and utilising industry-leading tools that simplify collaboration and accelerate the scaling, personalisation and dynamic optimisation of content across all channels. 

MSQ Global Studio’s offer will be led by Morgan Cox, MSQ’s Head of Dynamic Content & Production based at the group’s London HQ, with regional hubs in place to join-up the MSQ network and better serve clients across specific countries, cultures and channels. 

Cox will also oversee the day-to-day running of MSQ Global Studios in Europe, whilst MSQ Studios Asia will be overseen by Andy Edmonds, who recently joined MSQ from Media.Monks, where he was Senior Regional Growth Director for APAC. 

Edmonds, who has also worked at Havas Media Group in the UK, will lead MSQ Studios’ Singapore hub, whilst MSQ Studios Shanghai will be led by Caroline So and Fili Chung. 

An MSQ Global Studios North America arm, based in New York, will launch in due course. 

By joining up its Global Studios, MSQ will be able to deploy consistent workflows, technologies and services for international clients, offering scale and expertise from any point within the group.

The offer will draw on partner and proprietary products that are adaptable and easily scalable, such as ADA, MSQ’s dynamic creative engine that makes insight-driven personalisation of creative content a possibility for clients of all investment levels, and Bynder, a leading Digital Asset Management platform that enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster and maximise the impact of marketing assets. 

MSQ Team

The MSQ Global Studios team

Morgan Cox, Head of Dynamic Content & Production at MSQ, says: “Every day, marketers are being asked to create more with less. MSQ Global Studios will offer a coherent, global content solution that delivers high levels of creativity at scale, integrating seamlessly within a business’ workflow to deliver tangible benefits in speed, cost-savings and overall performance. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to build a team of experts, supported by leading partners and technologies within a thriving global network in MSQ, that’s able to do just that.”

Andy Edmonds, Head of MSQ Studios Asia, says: “Connecting local to global, and not the other way round, is crucial if international brands are to truly thrive in Asia, where cultures, languages, nuances and legalities differ so widely. By joining up our creative capabilities and tech with locally driven insights, MSQ Studios will help brands produce thousands of assets at speed, so they can deliver greater performance, getting closer to customers to drive growth.” 

MSQ already provides multiple technologies and multi-disciplinary comms, production, data and insight services for a number of global brands, including AXA Investment Managers, CFA Institute, Unilever, Zalando and Shell. The 1200-strong group acquired Creative Studio Brave Spark last year to further boost its production offer, and recently agreed a partnership with Westbrook International to further enhance its tech capabilities. 

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