How to Create Practical and Powerful Blogs

By Dave Endsor, Head of Content at Tank on

In a recent CMA webinar, Dave Endsor, head of content at Tank, discussed the tactics to employ when creating practical and powerful blogs.

A well-crafted blog should inspire the readers to take another action – to read more of your content, learn about what you do, or even make an enquiry.

At their very best, blogs will spark an emotional reaction in the reader. Ideally a positive one that makes your company or brand immediately memorable.

They may not take a final purchase action there and then, but they will when the time comes.

Generating ideas does not have to be difficult. Inspiration can come from multiple outlets; What questions have your customers been asking? What’s happening in the wider industry? Do you have experts on-hand? What conclusions can you draw from data – your own or external?

You might use well-known tools such as Answer The Public to formulate the initial idea, or Google Trends to support your argument.

You might also find inspiration in the most unlikely places.

All of these potential starting points (and more) give you the opportunity to write something with purpose. A blog that will educate, inspire or persuade – perhaps all three.

Whatever you write, plan your time, take inspiration from the headlines across the media spectrum, and consider the potential impact on your Google rankings. Writing something that people are actively searching for immediately gives you an edge.

Additionally, there’s no award for writing the most, nor is there a golden rule on word count.

Write enough to make your point, without the need for filler or waffle. Always consider quality, not quantity, as your endgame.

Try to remember the more often you write the easier it becomes. You’re training a muscle; one that will develop into something far stronger with study, practice and refinement.

And, if you can, think laterally. Go beyond the norm and produce something with genuine value and insight, perhaps real heart too. Stick your head above the rest of your industry’s parapet and add far greater value than your competitors could combined.

Make it good, more importantly make it count.

What you will learn from the webinar

  • Where to find new ideas.
  • Sources for primary and secondary data.
  • Useful research tools.
  • Key tips for writing.
  • Structuring your blog by ‘inverting the pyramid’.
  • Generating lateral thinking content topics.

Re-watch it here.

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