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How marketers can use SEMrush data to analyse online trends and predict future growth

Marketing and business professionals face more than their fair share of challenges; strategic analysis, ideation, content creation, optimisation, distribution, and measuring performance — all of this takes time and demands extra resources.

But could you work better, creating content faster and more efficiently without getting sidetracked?

Join the SEMrush panel to hear solutions for developing a successful content strategy and creating content that engages your audience. You will learn how we used the power of search to analyse the economic impact of COVID-19 across the globe and the importance of data insights for content creation.

We are pleased to welcome the following speakers:

Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush

Olga is the Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. Together with her team, she has built one of the strongest international communities in the online marketing industry. Olga has expanded SEMrush brand visibility worldwide, bringing >90% YoY growth from the top 10 new markets. She currently leads all SEMrush branding across over 50 countries, ensuring marketers all over the world have access to the best software to run effective online marketing campaigns. In 2018 Olga was mentioned among the 25 most influential women in digital marketing by TopRank. She speaks at major marketing conferences and her quotes on online user behavior appear in media such as Business Insider and The Washington Post.

Head of Communications at SEMrush

Fernando Angulo is the Head of Communications Team at SEMrush. He has been with SEMrush since the beginning of the company’s marketing efforts and has built its all-star marketing team. Being one of the most recognized faces of the brand, Fernando is speaking at 50+ top conferences worldwide each year. 

Fernando specializes in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, influence marketing and trained marketing teams of companies such as Expedia, T-mobile, Prestashop and Bing.


Studio Hawk Founder and CEO, Harry Sanders
Harry is the founder and director of StudioHawk, an award-winning dedicated SEO agency in Australia, specialising in providing quality SEO services to businesses. As a sole founder, Harry started StudioHawk while couch surfing and has since grown the company to a team of 22 dedicated SEO specialists in 5  years to become the largest dedicated SEO agency in Australia (while also expanding to London).

Since then the company has gone on to win the Australian Business Award for Marketing innovation, was named SEMRush’s Agency of the year, and M&M global millennial of the year in the UK. Harry has been featured on Forbes and the BBC world news, doing all this at the ripe old age of 22.


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  • 3rd September 2020 10:00 BST   -   12:00 BST
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