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Client: Svensk Adressändring

Agency: Make Your Mark
Client: Svensk Adressändring


In 2018, roughly 1.5 million Swedes (individuals/companies) reported a change of address. Or, put in everyday language, they moved – either within Sweden or elsewhere. Svensk Adressändring is a private held company, founded in 1994, helping individuals and companies to a smooth and friction-free moving process (not losing important mail, not leaving clients unaware of your business relocation, not being unable to use services tied to your physical address, etc).

Family moving

Svensk Adressändring is the only company of its kind in Sweden. Since the early 2000s, moving has become increasingly common, not least in the major cities. At the same time, though, the market for and legal framework surrounding a change of address have become less well-known by the general public. There is robust data indicating that people simply don’t really know whom to turn to ensure a smooth moving process. This is especially true when it comes to the admittedly vague role played by The Swedish Tax Agency, the national authority managing civil registration of private individuals nationally (but uninvolved in most additional services, such as mail forwarding).

In their brief Svensk Adressändring asked Make Your Mark to set the record straight in terms of market conditions, to (phase 1) increase Svensk Adressändring’s brand recognition and, to (phase 2) increase online conversion. 


Generating buzz for a low-engagement product

After a series of in-depth workshops with Svensk Adressändring and its stakeholders, Make Your Mark presented a distinctly data-driven content marketing approach. An important additional difficulty when addressing the client’s problem, is the fact that Svensk Adressändring’s services are discretionary and, almost by definition, low-engagement products. Nobody loves exploring mundane details of a smooth moving process. And nobody gives these things much thought at all unless it’s imminently necessary.

Thus, in order to address the challenges in phase 1 and phase 2, above, we first had to address the underlying difficulties. Historically, Svensk Adressändring’s marketing campaign have focused on this moving process, on mastering administration, really. By shifting focus to relevant high-engagement contexts – such as why people move to live somewhere else, what they’re expectingfrom this new life, with whom their building it, and what they’re generally dreaming of in terms of nature, people, jobs and social life – we wanted to introduce Svensk Adressändring as a thought-leader in a social discourse that people actually care about.

The straightforward solutions here was to produce engaging, digital storytelling solely based on market insights. Four distinct personas were created (based on existing conversion data),  each of which was then represented in a large-scale online survey produced with British market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

Given that the client wanted to open up for an inspiring, honest and non-conform public discussion about life goals, dreams and the way we live our lives in Sweden in 2019, these datasets were thoroughly analysed to extract clues, trends and possible answers to those very questions. Once this analytic framework was at hand, the main production included 12 storytelling videos with actual people ”representing” the findings above, 12 native articles distributed to the four target audiences in social media (YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram), all leading to a curated Insights section on Svensk Adressändring’s website. Roughly 25% of the overall budget was dedicated to media spend. A number of segmented newsletters has also been produced.

Couple moving house


An explosion in engagement on social media, increased conversion and an historically low CPV

  • More than one million individuals in the target audience has viewed some of the articles/films on social media
  • With a CTR just shy of 11%, the campaign has thus far generated more than 100,000 unique visits to
  • The number of total impressions (non-unique) in social media is 5.3 millions.
  • Of the 1.3 million impressions generated on YouTube, more than 18 percent (240,000) watched the video 30 seconds or more.
  • The CPV on YouTube is historically low, averaging 0,21 SEK, a fraction of relevant benchmark figures.
  • The newsletter has thus far beaten the client’s effect targets, with average opening rate of circa 55%.
  • Given the success of the campaign, the client will, going forward, apply a similar data-driven storytelling approach on key services.  

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