Award Winning

Bouvet Hackathon

Agency: HyperRedink
Client: Bouvet
Award: International Content Marketing Awards 2019 – Best Video Series

Bouvet asked: How do we reach the unreachable?
HyperRedink told them to hack for a better world – building brand at the same time.

Bouvet Hackathon


Bouvet is one of Scandinavia’s largest consultancy agencies, with more than 1,350 employees and offices in multiple cities all over Norway and Sweden. To be able to meet a growing demand from the market, Bouvet is constantly on the lookout for new, talented employees. With a growing need for digitalisation across all industries, the competition for young developers with 3-5 years of experience is ever-hardening.

Bouvet needed more visibility in the target audience and to increase the number of young, talented developers actively seeking employment there. They reached out to HyperRedink, who are a leading Norwegian creative agency combining strategic know-how, tech and content to create lasting value for our clients.

They found the problem was Bouvet lacked both awareness and consideration among these developers, so they needed a multi-pronged strategic approach to position them as a preferred employer. 

With such a tech-savvy target audience, they quickly encountered the challenge of choosing the right channel. Research showed that Facebook was used to a lesser degree than in other demographics, and the numbers of users in the audience who used ad blocking-technology was presumed to be very high. 

These young professionals are not by any means anti-social, however. When looking for and researching employers they look to friends and acquaintances within the business – and use other social media in their free time. They also saw that the audience consumes large amounts of video content, spends a lot of time on YouTube – and engages more easily with this type of content. Nevertheless, creativity and quality are crucial elements to the success of getting this audience’s attention. 

The goal of the project was not in any way to reach a large audience. This was a highly targeted campaign with a main goal of building awareness and consideration among the narrow target audience and gather data to retarget these with more specific content at a later date.

Bouvet Hackathon ideas


HyperRedink and Bouvet decided to arrange a 24-hour ‘hackathon’ where they gathered seven young developers from different regions and give them an (almost) impossible task. And to live-stream it for the world to see. 

Because of the target groups affinity for personal recommendations and closed networks, they hypothesised that activating the organisation itself was of utmost importance. Only by getting the people already working at Bouvet, to share the content with their networks would they could make a meaningful impact. They also know that video content is highly shareable

By using Reddit ads to reach Norwegian users who had interacted with programming-specific subreddits/forums and a well- produced teaser-video distributed on Facebook and as a pre-rolls on YouTube, Bouvet managed to secure more than 2,500 votes within two weeks. 

The three project alternatives all had social impact – something Bouvet strive for at all times. In the end the audience chose to give the developers the task of helping reduce oceanic plastic waste

With teasers and reminders of the live-streamed hackathon in multiple channels in the week leading up to the event, they managed to keep the audience engaged. 

By live-streaming the entire ‘hackathon’, they were able to show off both the skills of the developers and the unique culture of sharing and support within the company. 

Bouvet Hackathon

Making Internal Superheroes

A setup with five stationary cameras, one free-moving camera and screen-sharing of all computers gave a wide variety of options to keep the stream engaging at all times. 

With visits from local government and the CEO (in the middle of the night), various stunts and virtual visits from the developer’s families in the wee hours of the morning, the viewers always had something to keep them engaged. 

A code repository on GitHub utilized the power of crowdsourcing by making it possible for viewers to contribute to the project directly while watching the stream. 

After 24 hours, the result was a working prototype of a garbage-collecting system which will credit a user’s account with money whenever they return a bag of plastic. 

The teaser-video, the entire live-stream, the summary-film and various short videos created internal pride and turned the seven developers into internal superheroes. 


A highly engaged audience ended up viewing a total of more than 2,000 hours of the live-stream – through 5,000 unique users. With an average view time of almost 20 minutes, it was certain they had managed to engage the right audience. Including the teaser made before the ‘hackathon’ and various content afterwards, the combined view-count on YouTube surpassed 60,000 – with a 45 per cent view rate for YouTube ads. 

During the campaign period the traffic to Bouvet’s website doubled, and users spent 1,950 hours engaging with content related to the ‘Hackathon’. 16 per cent of the estimated Norwegian user base on Reddit visited Bouvet’s website within the period – and the project also received press coverage of the event in multiple niche-publications. 

The most important part, however, is the valuable audiences which interacted with the content on multiple platforms – which Bouvet will continue to engage with valuable content in the future. 

Key Stats

2,500 hours watched
45% view rate for YouTube ads 

Live show
2,042 hours – total view time
5,000 unique viewers
19min 48s average view time
100% bump in traffic on in the time period 15th December 2018 and 15th January 2019
1,950 hours spent on ‘hackathon’ articles 

Press and SoMe
Articles on specialist site Kode24
Article in Teknisk Ukeblad magazine
16 % of Reddit’s Norwegian user base visited Bouvet landing site 

Visit HyperRedink’s case study

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