Case Studies: Barclays Digital Eagles

The Brief

In order to highlight the positive actions Barclays have been taking in communities and increase positive brand perceptions, they wanted to promote their role in the technological revolution by sharing the benefits of their Barclays Digital Eagles programme. Barclays Digital Eagles help first time internet users and also business users to understand how it can enhance their daily lives and work – be it using Skype to stay in touch with family, online shopping, watching their favourite programmes, or developing a website.

The Solution

We believed that a series of different films, accessible on different platforms, would play a key role in explaining the Digital Eagles offering from Barclays. We felt that an observational documentary style was crucial to ensure we created truly intimate and engaging films, all of which had real customers and real experiences at their heart. In each film we wanted to show customers meeting and working with their local Digital Eagles and the personal stories around their first digital experiences.

The Results

We developed five films for the launch phase which are being shared on Barclays’ YouTube channel and Facebook pages, on internal intranet sites, and also in branch. In “What is a Digital Eagle?”, we follow one of the first Barclays Digital Eagles, a charismatic young man called Ross, as he travels around meeting colleagues and customers and sharing his personal motivation and the story of how the Digital Eagles programme came about. In “Connecting Mrs Eden with her family”, we see Mrs Eden learn how to send money to her granddaughter for her birthday and then get help downloading a surprise thank you video. We also created three shorter one minute films observing customers as they become more digitally savvy. In one we see an old docker called Alfred reunited with his music; in another we see Barbara send her first email; and we also see Alice and Iris have a try at using Siri and voice commands instead of having to type. “We have worked with Red Bee before but this project had more deliverables and less time, typical! Throughout though, the team at Red Bee were dedicated, collaborative, flexible and full of ideas. We’ve had a great response to the final films and look forward to working with them again”. Julie-Ann Douglas, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Barclays.

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