Award Winning

Best Video Individual 2020: Know Your Rights – Geelmuyden Kiese for The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Client: The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Award: Best Video Individual


The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, together with the labour inspection authorities in Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Estonia, had started a collaboration to investigate the status and improve the worker’s rights for foreign workers from these countries in Norway. For this work, GK was to assist through the whole process, from research and investigation, strategy, implementation and possibly creating a creative video campaign to address the topic. 

After an extensive research period, the campaign objective was defined to be “Make migrant workers aware of their rights and duties when working in Norway.”

Through the research, we also learned a lot about the workers coming from these markets to work in Norway. We knew which industries they came to work in, that there were mainly men, but also some women in certain occupations. We knew how the rms and workplaces they come to work for think and act – and how to reach them. We learned that most of the workers have no higher education and hardly speak English. We knew their media habits and how they keep up with news and stay in contact with family and friends back home, etc. And we knew how the different nationalities – Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Estonia – were similar in some things, but quite different in others. 

But the main thing we learned, and that was common to the whole target group, was that money is the key motivation to come here – and that unless they feel something is in it for them, they will not listen.


That’s why we decided to use this piece of key information as the hook in all our communication towards both workers and their employers. (The employers being an important part of the target group since they should be exposed to the fact that they are not treating their workers to the rights they are entitled to.)

Because, if there was one thing we wanted the target group to notice and remember, it is that the foreign workers in many cases can be entitled to a minimum wage that is almost double what they already have. And after all, who wouldn’t want to receive twice as much?

We developed a video portraying workers in the three most important industries – construction, restaurant/hospitality, and the fishing industry. Important in the sense of being the three biggest industries when it comes to the number of workers from these countries. Through a slightly absurd universe, we wanted to show “that you might miss out on getting twice as much”. Plain and simple in terms of messaging, but straight to the point that they care the most about.

By eliminating language barriers from the script, telling the story without any dialogue, we could also make sure that each nationality got communication and information targeted specifically at them, by having the end messages and call to action in the different languages.

In addition to the main video, we also produced several shorter versions to use in retargeting and used still photographs taken on set for brochures, posters, web headers, and other material that the target group might be exposed to. This to ensure that there was one clear message that they were exposed to through the whole campaign.


Due to the Covid-19 situation, the number of workers travelling across borders and to Norway was suddenly smaller than anticipated. However, there were still a significant amount who, as soon as travel restrictions were lifted, came here. This provided us with a sizeable, yet tangible group of workers to reach – in addition to the employers and firms that would hire them.

And the response was extraordinary: During the rest week, we had reached more than the number of workers that statistically would be in Norway in this period. And even better, they all seemed to find the communication both extremely interesting and relevant, to a degree which neither our digital advisors nor the client had seen before, with click-through-rates (CTR) miles above what they had ever experienced.

The main film had a CTR of nearly 32%, meaning that the target group felt something was in it for them, as well as feeling the need to learn more about their rights and how to claim them. This came on top of a view-through-rate (VTR) that was significantly higher than for a video of this length, ensuring us that the target group found the film itself both entertaining and interesting.

Also, both The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authorities as well as their partnering authorities from the respective countries have through social channels and meetings with both workers, industry stakeholders and politicians received massive plaudits for the campaign.

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