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Best Branded Podcast 2020: Fuelling Around – Maze Group for Adrian Flux

Client: Adrian Flux

Our client’s problem

As a specialist broker, Adrian Flux is the go-to insurance provider for many car enthusiasts, especially those who own classic or modified cars. As a result of its more niche position, the insurance company isn’t as well known among the wider UK population. We were looking for a way to increase brand awareness for Flux so the broker would become a more familiar name to a broader UK audience.

We wanted to ensure that in doing so, we were also able to continue strengthening relationships with existing customers by staying true to Adrian Flux’s brand values.

How we solved it

Part of our discussion included creating Adrian Flux’s first-ever podcast. We thought that if we could work with celebrities who have an interest in cars, this would tick both of the boxes above – and highlight the fact that insurance doesn’t have to be boring!

Sod’s law, we started planning the podcast in March 2020, just as lockdown began in the UK. Despite concerns that we wouldn’t be able to go ahead with the plan, Want Some Media, the podcasting agency we were teaming up with for the project, said they would be able to record the podcast remotely. With more people spending their days at home with time to spare, we knew we had to move quickly.

As time was of the essence, we started planning the project in more detail. We chose two knowledgeable hosts: professional racing driver Jason Plato and car enthusiast Dave Vitty. We also decided the first season would be eight episodes and secured the following guests:

  • Steve Jones
  • Kelvin Fletcher
  • Suzi Perry
  • Maxi Jazz
  • Ricky Wilson
  • James Martin
  • Amy Macdonald
  • Sir Chris Hoy

    We created some hype around the new podcast by releasing the trailer on Apple Podcasts mid-June and followed this up with the first two episodes on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on July 1st. We promoted the podcast in a number of ways, including on the Adrian Flux blog, social media platforms, through PR activities, and an advert on Spotify. Guests and podcast hosts were also given guidelines for promoting the podcast on their social media channels, which helped spread the word. Following the success of the first few episodes, we also created a YouTube channel to help promote the podcast further.

The results

Fuelling Around proved a resounding success as we were able to meet both our original objectives. The podcast was mentioned in a number of the nation’s most widely read papers, including the Radio Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and the Daily Record. Celebrity guests, top banter and car chat helped push the Adrian Flux brand name into national awareness.

The podcast has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts and reached the top spot in the Automotive category, further broadening its listenership. The Fuelling Around YouTube videos alone have received over 45,000 views (and counting!), while the episodes posted on Apple Podcasts have had over 9,000 listens.

We found that listeners were listening to the majority of the podcast episode at a much higher rate than the average, suggesting that our audience was engaged throughout. The vast majority of listeners have also subscribed to the podcast, so we’ve gained quite a few loyal listeners eagerly awaiting new episodes. And as the first season was such a success, we’re now planning a second.

What the client said

“Fuelling Around has been a great project to be involved with. The high-profile names on the episodes enhanced the reputation of Adrian Flux and has taken us to a whole new audience. The content is fun and shows, again, that marketing for insurance doesn’t always have to be straight-laced and informative.” – Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux general manager.

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