25 Practical Social Media Tips… in 25 Minutes

By Dave Endsor, Head of Content at Tank on

In a recent CMA webinar, Dave Endsor, head of content at Tank, attempted to deliver 25 practical social media tips in a tight time limit of 25 minutes – without swearing!
You can see how he got on at the end of this blog!

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Social media is a brilliant place for brands to connect directly with their audience. 
They provide a previously unheard of opportunity for immediate customer and stakeholder interaction.
However, this isn’t an excuse for brands to turn up their sales messages to eleven.

Organic social messaging in particular, should offer value – be that, humorous, inspiring, motivational or persuasive. Whatever that value is, leave the majority of sales messaging to your ads!
Critically, don’t treat all social media channels the same.

Your audiences could vary drastically from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook to TikTok. You may have an idea that deserves to be published on all of your channels, but at the same time, don’t force the issue.

It’s always important to schedule some of your social content in advance but you can still allow time for ‘in the moment’ ideas, inspired by goings on in your industry, sector, or even the world.

Sometimes the very best ideas can be off the cuff, with very little planning, from a spark of incredible inspiration.

What you will learn from the social media based webinar

  • Creative tools to support your output.
  • Twitter hacks.
  • Tracking your competitors’ ads on Facebook.
  • Getting the most out of Facebook Groups.
  • Mixing up Instagam content.
  • And more!

Ably-assisted by Rob John, our very own membership director, with his special one-minute klaxon.

Connect with Dave on LinkedIn or find him on Twitter.

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