Training Courses

The CMA run a wide variety of specialist training courses, teaching everything from ‘Selling Digital Advertising’ to ‘The Golden Rules of Account Management’. All courses are taught by an industry expert with years of experience in media training, able to provide clear and practical guidance while teaching the very latest skills and techniques in effective editorial, sales and account management.

2013 course overview

  • Writing for the web and mobile - Thursday 28 February
  • Winning new Business - Thurday 11 April
  • Introduction to Content Marketing - Thursday 09 May and Thursday 05 November
  • Developing your business communication skills - Monday 23 September
  • The Golden Rules of Account Management - Tuesday 17 Sept
  • The Big Pitch - Tuesday 09 July
  • Proposal Writing - Tuesday 08 October
  • In-house training package

Download full training booklet, or scroll through listings below:

All courses take place at the CMA offices and lunch and refreshments are included. All bookings must be made using booking form. Payment is by credit card only.

If you have any questions about any of the courses, or would like to discuss any other training needs, please contact Amanda Burrell at


Writing for the web and mobile
28 Feb 2013 (1 day)
£395 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

How writing for the web differs from traditional writing. How words can affect design and search considerations. Includes:

  • The importance of easy navigation
  • Thinking international in words and style
  • How to write to attract search engines
  • Keeping readers' attention on your site
  • Word use and word breaks
  • Maintaining topicality and attracting links
  • Thinking in screens across all platforms
  • Headlines and other visual aids including video
  • Attribution, legal and health considerations
  • Rewriting print content for the web

Suitable for: Journalists, particularly those working in content marketing, who write for websites, mobile apps and publications.

Winning new Business
11 April 2013 (1 day)
£395 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

This new CMA course aims to provide strategy and focus to cold calling and developing business opportunities

1. Developing your Pipeline

  • Low hanging fruit vs. long shots
  • Building your pipeline
  • Studying the trade press
  • Networking
  • Knowing the difference between a cold/warm/hot lead

2. Building a Profile with your Prospects

  • Understanding the buying cycle
  • How to professionally stalk your prospects
  • Standing out from the competition
  • The Challenger - Developing a point of view
  • Your first approach

3. Preparing to Pitch

  • Setting out your creds - what are your USPs?
  • Pre-wiring your prospect
  • Pre-pitch question check-list what is it

Suitable for: All those involved in new business development for the agency. This course will be of value both to those involved in the research and preparation for pitch work, as well as executives making the first approach to a prospect.  It will be of value to those who may be new to sales and who are apprehensive about.

Introduction to Content Marketing
09 May 2013/ 05 Nov 2013 (1 day)
£395 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

This new one day programme is suitable for those beginning their careers in any discipline of Content Marketing. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector so that new starters can ‘hit the ground running'.

1. Content Marketing

  • what is it?
  • why do clients value it - the benefits of a content marketing initiative
  • how does it fit in the marketing mix

2. Who's Who in your Content Marketing agency:

  • Account management
  • Editorial
  • Finance
  • Production
  • New business development
  • Ad Sales

3. Jargon Buster  - understanding the language of content marketing
4. Business Models - how content marketing solutions are financed
5. Case Studies

Suitable for: Suitable for: those beginning their careers in any discipline of Content Marketing. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector so that new starters can ‘hit the ground running'.

The Golden Rules of Account Management
17 Sept 2013 (1 day)
£395 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

1. Qualities of Excellence: the two-headed miracle worker!

  • Defining the role of the Account Manager/Director
  • Qualities of account management excellence

2. Essential and unique skills:

  • How to achieve the status of a trusted advisor with your client
  • The Language of Account Management - ‘do's and don'ts'

3. Taking a Strategic Approach: Thinking like an Agency

  • The importance of taking a strategic approach to account management
    • Understanding the client-relationship axis ( from transactional to partnership)
    • Identifying different account types and assessing their relative value to our business
    • What constitutes a ‘good' account?
  • How to set meaningful and deliverable objectives (for client and agency)
  • Measures of success - agreeing the client's criteria for judgement and delivering against these

  4.  Client Relationship Management

  • What IS CRM and why is it a critical component of Account Management
    • Building awareness of the client's business challenges
    • How to achieve ‘client intimacy' through CRM
    • Building multi-level relationships with across all stakeholders
  • Client management checklist
    • Reporting styles/structures
    • Formal Account Reviews
  • How to structure an effective client meeting + exercise
  • 10 Golden Rules of Account Management Excellence - final workshop exercise

Suitable for: Experienced and new account executives/managers who are looking for tips to help balance the demands they face maintaining status and control as they reconcile their  internal and external obligations.  

Developing your business communication skills
23 Sept 2013 (1 day)
£395 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

In the world of content marketing, precise communicating is critical to the quality of our internal and client relationships and is inevitably linked to our profitability and the quality of work we produce. ‘Getting it right first time' saves time, money and sanity, so this course delivers practical tried and tested tips on the critical aspects of communication we all use every day in our complex business environment.

  • building rapport with business colleagues - tips on how to build a connection with a wide variety of people which will ease business communication
  • questioning skills - how to use questions to demonstrate your knowledge and extract critical information from others
  • how to structure and manage meetings - do's and don'ts for keeping control of meetings and ensuring that they are constructive and concise
  • closing skills - a look at the wide range of techniques we can use to gain a commitment or decision when the other party may be delaying or unsure
  • top tips for presenting new concepts - how to convey your ideas so that they are relevant, compelling and prompt feedback
  • top tips for effective negotiation - critical skills and how to think creatively and use language to achieve what you want, whilst keeping the other party happy at the same time
  • dealing with client problems and when things go wrong - introduction to the principles of excellent customer service
  • using email effectively - what is Email the right communicaitons channel and when will it complicate a situation? How to structure an effective email and some key do's and don't's

Suitable for: Those moving into a client-facing role for the first time, or those who would like a refresher in how to control and manage communication with clients and colleagues.

The Big Pitch
09 July 2013 (1 day)
£425 + VAT per person  Maximum of 6 attendees

By the end of this course delegates will have gained a structured approach to preparing for and then delivering relevant, professional and impactful pitch presentations. Through the use of video, smaller groups will benefit from seeing themselves presenting.

1.What is a ‘pitch presentation' and what do you want to achieve by the end of it?
2.Qualities of excellent presenters - do's and don'ts Total Communication - verbal and non-verbal influencers:

  • How to structure your presentation for maximum impact
  • Preparing your pitch
  • brainstorming your ideas and using spider diagrams
  • Focusing on your 3-5 ‘pillar' points
  • Incorporating your ideas within the 5 Minute Pitch Template
  • Deciding on your visual aids

3. Using prompt cards to aid delivery
4. Preparing your opening comments + exercise
5. 10 Top Tips

Suitable for: Executives at all levels who may be involved in delivering client presentations and new business pitches

Proposal Writing
08 October 2013 (½ day)
£225 + VAT per person  Maximum of 8 attendees

Introducing a tried and tested customer-centric template for writing short and longer business proposals

  • What makes an effective proposal – qualities of excellence
  • Setting your objectives
  • Using spider diagrams
  • The 5 Minute Template
  • Developing your proposal  - exercise

Suitable for: All those involved in the development of new business proposals for their clients.

CMA In-house 'Golden Rules of Account Management' training package
3 monthly 1 day sessions
£6,500 + VAT Maximum of 8 attendees

A bespoke, 3 part suite of workshops developed specifically for CMA members and their account management team, delivered in 3 monthly one day sessions. By the end of this programme account managers and directors will have a clear understanding of how to balance the demands of clients and the agency and how to manage their time most efficiently and commercially.


  • To focus on the essential qualities and skills for excellence in  account management
  • To identify what constitutes ‘best practice’ – both for the client, and for your agency
  • To develop appropriate business strategies for different account types
  • To look at the principles of customer relationship management and how to apply them day to day

By the end of this 3 part programme, delegates will have created their own Golden Rules of Account Management to help them take a confident and proactive approach towards securing and developing profitable client business relationships with your agency.

Download the full course outline, costs and structure here >>

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