The CMA Measuring Effectiveness Industry Report

The Effective Measurement Report is a report produced by the CMA on key issues for influencers in the content marketing industry. It looks at the areas of spend that are most troublesome to account for, building growth in the long, rather than the short term and paid, owned, earned multi-channel, multi-platform optimisation.

The report features articles from the following expert contributors, as well as exclusive market research and a number of valuable results and infographics to help broaden your understanding:

  • Clare Hill, Managing Director, The CMA
  • Rhiannon Thompson, Director, Remarkable Content
  • Chris Rayment, Insight Director, Cedar Communications
  • Rebekah Billingsley, Head of Digital and Content Strategy, John Brown Media
  • Andy Edmonds, Head of Engagement, iProspect
  • Tom Chapman, Business Development Officer, Headstream
  • Anna Howells, Senior Strategist, Seven
  • Mark Thompson, Account Director, ITN Productions
  • Ben McKay, Joint Managing Director, MEC Wavemaker
  • Will Tulloch, Strategic Analyst at King Content
  • Laura Lee, Account Manager, EnVeritas Group

We hope you enjoy it!

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