The CMA Video Engagement Industry Report

Video is the fastest growing media online, and this major shift in consumer behaviour raises numerous questions and this report investigates how Brands and Businesses can plan high-quality video content in order to achieve clear, measurable business objectives. We look at how to create an effective online video strategy, and learn how to create high-quality video content that engages end users and delivers business value. The report also looks at how to create actionable measurements that deliver attributable returns on investment for video content.

The CMA will take a look at the explosive growth of video as a format and how brands are using this medium to maximum advantage when establishing 121 engaging relationships with consumers. We will bring first to market industry research from across agencies and brands investigating how video is being used, how much of the budget is being spent and what future usage may look like.

It features articles from the following expert contributors, as well as exclusive market research and a number of valuable results and infographics to help broaden our understanding:

  • Clare Hill, Managing Director, The CMA
  • Mark Jefford, Head of Insight, Factory Media
  • Linda Louis, Head of Strategic Planning and Marketing, Progressive Content
  • Chris Rayment, Research and Data Insights Director, Cedar
  • Stephen Kenwright, Director of Search, Branded3
  • Dan Linstead, Editorial Director, Branded Content, Immediate Media Co
  • Susan Agliata, Head of Branded Content Solutions, YouTube
  • Simon Baker, Head of Branded Content, ITN Productions
  • David Craft, Community Manager, Headstream
  • Andy Greenhouse, Co-founder, Swhype Media
  • Paul Banks, Head of Original Content, Videojug
  • Bindi Kaufmann, Head of Agency, TCOLondon
  • D’Arcy Doran, Head of Content, TCOLondon
  • Sandra Peat, Strategy Director, The Moment
  • Arthur Lewin, Head of Film, Remarkable Content
  • Sarah Berrier, Editor in Chief, Citizen Press
  • Kath Hipwell, Head of Content Strategy, Red Bee Media

We hope you enjoy it!

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