Winchester Earthquake – the facts, from the survivors!

January 28th, 2015

Following Winchester’s earthquake on Tuesday evening, the cathedral-city based communications agency, Remarkable Group, has been quick off the mark with an informative video pulling together the facts of the evening’s disturbance.

The video has gone viral, been picked up by national papers and can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.

OK, so it only measured 2.9 magnitude – a “tremor” which scientists define as being akin to the impact of a gerbil sneezing or the sort of belly-rumble that might result after a particularly good meal – but it’s certainly put Winchester on the news agenda today.

Once recovered from the shock, the social media and Content team at Remarkable got their skates on to inform the world of their experiences.

“It may have been minor, but we did have people still in the office who felt the earth move! The team pulled together to get the stats out quickly and help answer the call for more information from people at the epicenter,” said Stephen Pomeroy, chief executive, Remarkable Group.

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