October 31st, 2016

Clare Hill is the managing director of the Content Marketing Association. The organisation has just released its report: Measuring Effectiveness. Clare argues for a greater focus on developing the marketers measurement toolbox.

Key findings from our report suggest that as an industry, we haven’t got this measurement thing wrapped up yet – there’s still work to do.

It seems apt that this finding should come at a time when initiatives like Effectiveness Week are launching. I suspect that one of the hottest topics at the conference at Bafta this November will be measurement. The CMA is platform and sector agnostic so the opinions of our members reflect wider trends in marketing. And what they are telling us is that both the industry and clients need to focus more attention on getting measurement right.


Every single person who responded to our survey agreed that measurement is essential in content marketing strategy. But, only half of them believe that it is possible to accurately measure content marketing ROI.

So what are the barriers? Why is it so hard? Well, a lot of people were frustrated that they couldn’t access the right data. But there was also a telling reaction against the dominant quantitative and immediate metrics of the last decade. Almost everyone agreed that content marketing effectiveness metrics can gauge long-term brand health measures, such as favourability or likeability, trust, consideration and propensity to buy.

“Over 70% of our respondents believed that emotional engagement should be a key part of reporting”

In general I believe the digital measurement revolution has been a very good thing for marketing. It has enabled brands and agencies to be more bullish when demonstrating the impact on consumer behaviour of the content they produce. But it has also arguably resulted in the neglect of metrics that have stood marketers in good stead for years. Or it has addicted us, and our clients, to short term outcomes and immediacy in our assessments.

And then there’s emotion. Over 70% of our respondents believed that emotional engagement should be a key part of reporting and there is certainly a time coming fast when emotion-metrics will be more accurately measured. In his thought piece for our report Mark Thompson, Account Director at ITN suggests that we will soon be measuring the impact of our content by capturing people’s ‘galvanic skin response’ or appraising the very beats of their heart. New technologies from neuro-behavioural science make this future genuinely foreseeable.


But right now it’s not clear how to do that. And once those technologies are at our fingertips we will once again be faced with the challenge of integrating those new metrics with older ones and ensuring we are making the right decisions based on the evidence they give us.

“Both the industry and clients need to focus more attention on getting measurement right

I am optimistic that the industry will rise to this challenge. Our report shows that marketeers clearly understand the challenges that face them and events like Effectiveness Week demonstrate our determination to tackle them.

Effectiveness Week starts on Monday 31 October. The two day flagship Effectiveness Week Genesis conference is at BAFTA in London on Tuesday 01 and 02 November, buy tickets here. Satellite events take place on Monday 31 October and Thursday 03 and Friday 04 November. Many are free to attend and you do not need a ticket to the main conference. See the full week’s schedule here.

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