Video Storytelling for Content Marketers 26th September 2017

July 27th, 2017

This one-day video storytelling workshop is designed to equip content marketers with the knowledge and tools they need to take advantage of the growth of video.

The workshop mixes together social science, behavioral, economical and creative storytelling. Helping delegates understand how stories work, why we like them and how they can be built into professional communication.

By infusing your communication with storytelling ideas and techniques you can help your content to:

  1. Attract organic audiences;
  2. Connect emotionally;
  3. Drive audiences to take specific action
  4. Create viral, organic sharing.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the science behind why stories are so powerful in causing audience action.
  • Have immediately applicable techniques to find / craft stories which drive action and behavior change.
  • Know how to build a story, working back from the required call to action or KPI.

Who should attend?

The course is relevant to all content marketers, with a specific advantage to:

  • Copywriters and content creators, who will learn how to seek out certain types of stories and tweak their existing stories to reach milestones or KPIs.
  • Creatives looking to understand how to use storytelling to position (or re-position) their client, campaign or product in the minds of audiences.
  • B2B content creators looking to understand how storytelling can increase interest and engagement with typically dry content.

Venue, date & timings

  • WeWork, 3 Waterhouse Square,138 Holborn, London, EC1N 2SW
  • Tuesday 26th September 2017
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • CMA Members – £299
  • Non-Members –  £399

How to book

Please click here and fill out the booking form.

Booking deadline 20th September 2017

Any questions please contact:

About the trainer

Stephen Follows, Creative Director, Catsnake

Stephen is leading exponent and trainer in the art of using storytelling to achieve measurable outcomes.  He has taught professional storytelling to a variety of clients including national institutions (inc The National Trust and BBC), companies (inc Virgin Trains and Wordtracker) and charities (inc Unicef, Age UK).

Stephen has created and led a number of storytelling consultancy projects for The National Trust, which include training hundreds of staff members, creating innovative visitor experiences and managing the stories of an entire castle.


“The Power of Storytelling” written by Stephen Follows for the National Trust and voiced by Sir Ian McKellen.  This video introduces the basic ideas behind why stories are such a powerful method of communication.


From previous storytelling training

“We ran a series of workshops for headquarters teams last week, and Stephen was the star turn. He evangelised for great story-telling in a witty and engaging way. He gave us the science, the mind and the heart of storytelling and backed it up with examples of great short filmmaking.” DANIEL DODD – HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS, THE NATIONAL TRUST

‘Stephen captives the audience and takes them on a journey of discovery.  I have seen the talk 3 times now and like a good movie, I uncover something new each time.  I would recommend the talk to anyone looking to learn about storytelling and why we share stories – whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, you will come away knowledgeable and excited.’ SIMON SANETT – HEAD OF DIGITAL STRATEGY, PORTER NOVELLI

‘It’s rare that you experience a presentation that completely changes the way you think about a subject. But that’s exactly what I got from Stephen’s fantastic talk on the principles and value of good storytelling. Stephen is such an entertaining and informative speaker. His unique perspective on telling stories is fascinating and insightful and is packed with practical advice. I recommend this talk to anyone interested in making their stories work, whatever the context.’ TIM TUCKER, CONTENT MARKETING CONSULTANT

From previous CMA teaching

“Stephen is a hugely charismatic and entertaining speaker and I could listen to him all day. Literally. He comes at content from an original and very compelling angle and you can see the results in the great work he has been behind.” KATH HIPWELL, HEAD OF CONTENT STRATEGY, RED BEE

“The trainer really knew his stuff and managed to cover so much in a single day. The topics he covered were really interesting and insightful. Looking forward to applying some of his tips and theories to practice.” FRANCESCO AGRESTI, VIDEO PRODUCER, KAPLAN INTERNATIONAL

“Thoroughly enjoyable session, Lots of great information and insight to take back to the team.” SARAH DEANE, MARKETING ASSISTANT, ZURICH MUNICIPAL

“Well organised and highly informative training on digital marketing” SARAH WILLIAMS, CONTENT MARKETING MANAGER, BLOOMSBURY

 “Stephen was fantastic. He was engaging, had great examples and covered a huge spread of topics that were both interesting and applicable.” HELEN CASSIDY, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR, THINK

 Film School testimonials

“Stephen’s work is bursting with the same unstoppable creative energy as the person himself. He is driven, focused, and completely committed to utter perfection, always making sure that each detail is as polished as it can possibly be.  As a writer, Stephen’s ideas never fail to amuse, surprise, entertain and amaze: at every turn, just when you thought you knew where the story was going, an unexpected twist will take you to a completely new and exciting place. It’s a delight to work with him – a Renaissance man for the 21st century.” DR ROBERTO TROTTA – DIRECTOR AT CENTRE FOR LANGUAGES, CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION, IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON

“Stephen has been a visiting teacher at the NFTS for the past three years, delivering bespoke lectures (for the whole school on a cross-specialisation basis) and individual seminars on the courses I run. Not only are they always intellectually challenging (I have attended them), but they are notable for the level of engagement with the students — Mr Follows scores very highly in that regard with the students.” CHRIS AUTY – DEPARTMENT HEAD, NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION SCHOOL

“Stephen Follows is an experienced writer, producer and teacher with a strong list of credits. He has an impressive knowledge of the structures and trends of the Film and Television industry globally and is a sought after authority on the subject.” PAUL THOMPSON – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, NYU TISH

“Stephen is one of the best informed and prepared tutors at the Met. Student feedback from his sessions is excellent, and the fact that they can follow him on his invaluable industry blog is a bonus that few tutors can offer.” STEVE PINHAY – HEAD OF PRODUCING, MET FILM SCHOOL

Previous film training

“Classes were a joy to attend every evening as Stephen is inspiring in his wealth of knowledge and teaches his students like colleagues and friends. I would highly recommend this course and Stephen as an educator. I would attend any course he offered as I feel I learnt more in this course than my 3-year BA.” GINA POWELL – UNSTOPPABLE ENTERTAINMENT

“Stephen is an inspiring, and creative teacher and I learned more about the real world of film production than I could ever have gleaned from a dozen books on the subject. I’d recommend anyone who’s serious about a career as a producer to spend time in Stephen’s company and listen.” MARK LO – ASYLUM GIANT

“Throughout the long information packed days Stephen was never less than an engaging, super enthusiastic fountain of knowledge, and, for what I learnt from it, the price was a steal! For anyone searching for a super short course that teaches them the no holds barred reality of what it takes to become a UK Independent Film Producer and get a feature film made, look no further.” SUSIE WATSON – FREELANCE DIRECTOR

“I was stunned in his extensive knowledge about the industry. Stephen was always attentive on what I wanted to learn and introduced me to several industry professionals – I recommend Stephen’s classes, he is truly an expert in producing and an excellent teacher.” KARINE PAWEL – M&C SAATCHI

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