The Future Content Sessions Debut

October 24th, 2017

On Thursday the CMA debuted its new event to a packed house. Held in the early evening – it kicked off at 4pm and was a tad more informal than the Digital Breakfasts – the sessions aim to highlight the people who are innovating in content creation and distribution.

As the series continues it will looks at new trends, the impact of technology on content creation and the continuing importance of social media to both consumers and brands.

The first event saw a trio of presentations which tackled among other things, viral video content, fake news and the renaissance in podcasting.

The first to present was Henry Hitchcox, who is Creative Director of Jungle Creations. As Henry explained Jungle is the brainchild of Jamie Bolding, who while at university began to experiment with ways to make content go viral on Facebook.

Several years on and Jungle boasts traffic unrivalled by almost every other media company on this side of the Atlantic, via its highly popular brands Viral Thread and Twisted.

Henry explained he saw how Jamie had created scale and wanted to work with him to enable brands to have access to that audience. He added that each time the company worked with brands they were able to guarantee at least one million, and in some instances two milion, views.

Henry then showed a series of clips including his first attempt at a viral video which helped establish his name.

He finished by offering a series of tips to the audience on how to create videos that could be widely viewed. His ultimate takeaway was only create videos that you personally would share. If you don’t want to share it how do you expect others to?

Tackling fake news

The second presenter was Holly Brockwell, who in her time has been both a marketer and an editor. She is also one of the journalists employed on the latest project by the founder of Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales – WikiTribune.

It is a news source where after the stories are created, they can then be edited and proofed by a team in a similar way to how Wikipedia pages are managed. Holly explained that Jimmy Wales had chosen to embark on the project as a way of tackling the issue of fake news. It is set to launch before the end of the year.

Holly also offered her views on the way that social media is developing referencing the recent discussions sparked by the revelations about US film producer Harvey Weinstein. She was critical of the ‘Boycott Twitter’ approach, saying that it was essential that women kept their voice on the platforms. Although she praised the #MeToo hashtag which she felt was having a real impact. She did add that she would have liked to have seen a hashtag that was more inclusive and worked for both sexes.

Re-inventing podcasts

The final presentation was a discussion on podcasting helmed by Simon Baker, Managing Director, TCO London – the company hosting the event.

Simon quizzed Mike Fordham, Agency Editor TCO London and David Jenkins, Editor, Little White Lies both of whom have worked on podcasts, to explain why they have once again become so popular and influential. Both pinpointed the key moment as being the creation of the US podcast Serial, which has had a huge impact on both sides of the Atlantic.

David, who oversees the well established and very successful Little White Lies podcast, argued that it was intimacy that made podcasts successful. Unlike with video the presenters could relax and just talk and this has generated podcasts with great chemistry and sparked incredible conversations.

Mike, who has worked on podcast for the brand size? agreed. He described how size’s podcast which was recorded in the man cave of key cultural commentator, Don Letts. Mike explained that the atmosphere and range of conversations that followed could not really have been replicated in a more formal environment.

Both stressed how the slow pace and depth of podcasts were something of an antidote to the quick and instant world of social media content, and how this may have been a reason for their resurgence.

They also explained that there are number of ways that brands can work with podcasters, from sponsoring a whole podcast through to old US radio style messages placed in between the content. Podcasting presents a huge opportunity for brands to reach out to engaged and intelligent audiences.

The event finished with the presenters taking questions which was then followed by drinks.

If you want to get the details on who will be appearing in the next Future Content Sessions email us here.

Ashley Norris, Consultant Editor, The CMA


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